Reviews for Aviation Arbor RV Park

By user-5785695... on 2017-10-23. Stayed 2016-11-04 to 2016-11-18

We just stayed at this RV Park. Staff was friendly and helpful. Place was well maintained shower house was clean. Pads where level and large enough for my unit. Only thing had to be in by dusk or the bugs would drain your blood. No shade but grass. Not hard to get back to the French Quarters. Will stay there again.

By user-6636973... on 2017-10-23. Stayed 2015-02-26 to 2015-02-28

Convenient to New Orleans, very friendly staff, and of course reasonably priced. The campsites were level and easy to get in and out of with some grass. No trees or shade. There was a lot of useful information on area eating establishments and close by an easy to use ferry to New Orleans.

| Must be military to stay here

By user-5142586... on 2018-05-17.

Must be military to stay here.


By user-4704893... on 2019-08-09.

Since my original post on Facebook was taken down... here it is again as a review with some added text since the MWR is trying to hide things: The Aviation Arbor RV park just raised their rates by 40%. Conveniently, this astronomical price hike was done after the DOD deadline for the home inspections. Residents of the park have been told if they don t like it that they can exercise their right to live elsewhere. Many of whom exercised that choice today. Other residents have been shut down by the base CO and XO when they were asked about the price hike. Where is the extra $135 a month per lot (There are at least 70 lots) going because it is not being utilized to improve the RV Park? Why is the base CO and XO afraid to divulge where the funds generated from the RV lot are being spent? Why are these funds (at least a decent portion) not being used to better the RV Park to provide its residents better and safer living conditions? Do they consider the RV Park residents as second class citizens because they have members from all ranks and branches living here; junior enlisted all the way to Colonels? It s also extremely convenient that they just built a brand new gas station with MWR funds. The MWR and the command on NASJRB New Orleans does not take care of the RV park the way they should and utilizes the funds generated by the park elsewhere. The RV park residents just want their fair shake at being treated as equals. There is a level of expectation to, at a minimum, maintain the park in a clean and working order such as the laundry and shower facilities being clean and maintained. The internet that they (include for free) is just borrowed internet from the base that doesn t work half the time and they won t let the cable companies run internet to the park. Residents have been told that the base is matching the RV park prices from the area but the parks that I have called offer the same amenities as the park on base at approximately $100 less a month and provide free laundry facilities. I have even called other RV facilities on bases around the country and their prices are less than what is paid at Aviation Arbor. The management at the park and at the higher levels within the MWR on base are at best incompetent. They should either refocus their efforts or be fired and replaced with someone who is willing to listen to its tenants. I would happily recommend this park to others if they would fix themselves and quit ripping their tenants off by providing sub par amenities and actually put some effort into making the RV park a better and safer place for its residents to live. Until that happens I will continue to push for change and not recommend the RV park to people that ask. I also will repost this as many times as necessary as long as it keeps getting deleted by the MWR.