Reviews for Bakersfield Travel Park

| Ridiculous Unprofessional Maint. Staff

By user-6229399... on 2017-10-23.

At first it seemed to be a nice park with the grass and the trees. Paying online through Paypal was a snap also. However, while pulling into my first spot and unloading my motorcycle off of the back of my motorhome a landscaping crew member came through with a blower and was blowing the streets clean and creating a dust cloud all over my nice clean shiny rv and all over my nice clean shiny motorcycle and in my lungs and all over me very very unprofessional. Then after placing a carpet outside on the decking to keep my feet clean before entering my motorhome which has all new flooring the same individual while claiming to be testing the sprinklers flooded the area outside my door so very badly that I had to hang the carpet and go in through the driver side entrance because of all the flooding. I complained to this individual he said it would not happen again. When I realized my work here was going to be extended I decided to pay for a month because it was more cost effective so I moved to another spot. After working only a half day I came back to the park to my motorhome only to find that all three breaker switches even the ones I was not plugged in to had been turned off. My air conditioning was off and my dog was inside panting half dead. I complained about that also and everyone denied accountability however the fact remains all 3 breakers were off. An electrician showed up a couple days later and replaced the breaker. I have not had an issue since. Today however the proverbial straw was dropped when again I came back to the park at my new spot only to find at least 2 inches of water flooding my carpet which was supposed to keep my feet clean and now covered with mud and dirt from the sprinklers flooding the lawn where I am parked. After complaining to the staff they attempted to deny accountability and redirect the focus on the way I complained rather than the complaint itself in an attempt to misdirect the issue and make it my problem instead of accepting accountability. Although the staff seems very nice it seems to me to be merely a front to hide there lack of empathy for campers and lack of professionalism. Ridiculously unprofessional as a campground manager of an 88 site campground I am very familiar with the lack of professional dedication displayed at this park. Oh and don't try to order food here it seems delivery drivers are uninterested in coming into this area. 3 stars are for the park itself which is very nice and NOT reflective of the maintenance staff.