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| Better than dry camping

By user-5874278... on 2018-03-14.

Lots of Dogs barking at night. Coyotes on site many times, even in daylight. No internet. Dirt road. There is one washer and a clothes line. Personally I wish i did more homework before I parked there. Most of the 15 spaces they have are occupied by long term tenants. Trailer park feel. You get what you pay for sometimes.

| Beware of desert animals and Noise all day.

By user-5874278... on 2018-03-14.

The owner of this RV Park told me to watch for snakes and that he had killed 2 the day before and be careful. I only saw one Rattlesnake, shedding it's skin, very interesting but I was terrified! I didn't see it until I heard it rattle. Watch your pets! Lots of Coyotes, Javelina and tons of barking dogs at night. The owner says no working on your RV in the park but He works on his Tricycle welding and grinding all day sometimes. Very disruptive and noisy. Don't Pay Cash! If something happens, you may never see your hard earned money again. I never saw any scorpions, they may be around but i personally never saw one. Hense the one generous star.

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