Reviews for Calusa Campground Resort and Marina

| Party time

By user-1364009 on 2017-10-23.

Most places are owned by the locals on the mainland And are used from Friday through Sunday night To get away. So you can imagine the fun to be had from Friday through Sunday. Very hospitable owners And will not hesitate to invite you to their party. If you desire quiet and rest and relaxation Then Monday through Thursday are the night to stay. Nice fishing area Boat ramp And fishing docks. Twice a manatees come through on their way to the Gulf waters. we have stayed twice and really prefer the weekends. price is moderate for that area much cheaper than the Lower Keys. close to Kmart and other tourist attractions. good pull through and back and slots easy big rig access. gated community with onsite security. we are goodsam elite members and pull travel trailer.

| Not for daily use

By user-6214482... on 2017-10-23.

This campground is a village only, full of very dated and dirty trailers. The few sites use for daily rental are dirty. The personal is not friendly. Only one washer working in the laundry out of 5. No pet park. The marina is beautiful and the front water sites very nice but sold out.

| Tight parking

By user-1198001 on 2017-10-23.

Parking was a bit tight backing in, but neighbors/owners were helpful.

| Johnbce

By user-6237276... on 2018-03-14.

Run don’t walk. This is the worst RV park we’ve ever stayed in. First they lost our reservation. Second unless you have a 30 foot sewer hose you cannot connect. Third no cable TV even though they Advertise it. For AC breakers are worn out and I keep tripping. Fifth they do not return phone calls or emails.

| The OH MY GOSH campground

By user-5928923... on 2018-03-14.

O.M.Gosh. Do NOT stay here. I called the direct phone number to the campground to reserve. Unfortunately I reserved for 2 nights. I should have known when we checked in upon arriving to turn around and leave. The snotty girl behind the counter acted as though SHE was doing US a favor. I wont go into the details, but she was short with us, snapping answers to questions we had, like where are bathrooms, etc etc and storming around behind the counter as she checked us in. We were confused as to how we offended her, having done nothing to ruffle her feathers—-just standing there. We were supposed to have cable TV. Everyone we talked to at the park did. So we called the office. She would send maintenance over and would call us back. I gave her my number. An hour later she called back, saying maintenance went home and that no one had cable at the park. WRONG. We asked to move to a spot that had cable. And here is the kicker——she said that since we booked with the OWNER and not the park office (say, WHAT????) she couldnt move us. We tried to explain that we called the park office——-well, you know the rest of the story——OK, so we chalked that one up. The spot we were assigned was unbelievable. Each side was a delapitated trailer, one empty, the other had a tarp-walled structure 2 feet from us beside HIS delapitated trailer. Behind us were discarded pieces of what looked like a mismatch of motor parts, plastic buckets, and various broken things here and there. I took pictures if anyone out there wants to see. OK, we decided to go to bed and forget our dismay. But NO!!!! The guy in the tarp-storage structure next door started playing an ELECTRIC PIANO at 9:00 that night in the tarp structure! Dear Lord, can it get any worse. OK, we will call security. Told them the problem. NOTHING DONE. Yes, they had “security” staffed at night, but their “security” never showed up. Sometimes you just take your lumps. Do NOT stay here. Unbelievable. If I could rate NO STARS I would.