Reviews for Camp Williams Resort

| It was ok

By user-2305003 on 2017-10-23.

Reason for the 3 star review: No cell service! Didn't know this.... was not prepared but was OK with it! Kids freaked out... which was worth it!!! They had a pay phone so I was able to make a call to check in with family to let them know I had arrived safely. Another reason for 3 star: The camp site doesn't have someone on duty. Once we checked in they locked the office and we didn't see them until the next morning. We checked in at 10:30am saw the host the next morning at 7am. (I could not find the host any where at 5 pm to purchase shower tokens. Shower doesn't take quarters) When we left at noon honked to horn to be let out of the gate no one was to be found!!!! Would we come here again? Maybe There are other place we have gone that is about as far from home as this place for a better price.

| Closed

By user-unknown on 2019-08-09.

was planning a trip out and we went out to do a drive through and was told the camps closed until after April due to flooding.