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By user-5276473... on 2017-10-23.

| Close in, you backup to a building with power and water

By user-6078441... on 2017-10-23. Stayed 2017-09-17 to 2017-09-19

This was a really convenient place to stay in a motorhome and see Philly. There wasn't much grass for the pups, mainly all concrete. And the dump station is up against the building so many of you will need really long hoses to use that. I only had 20' of hose and it wasn't enough to reach behind the coach and attach to a large PVC pipe lying on the concrete up against the building.

| Awesome

By user-5290017... on 2017-10-23.

We were here for 7 nights..... Water and electric at $30/night. They have dumping facilities and separate shower/restrooms for men and women. 24/7 security and a shuttle that takes you to the University of Pennsylvania Children's Hospital where you catch bus 42 into town (20 minute ride). Easy access to all the sights, Phlash bus or other transportation. We bought a SEPTA pass for $25.50 that was good for one week or 56 rides. It was even good on Phlash bus. It was a bit noisy with the trains but you can't beat the closeness and ease of access.

| Probably the best stay for visiting Philadelphia

By user-5228391... on 2017-10-23.

We were spending 2 nights in June 2017. The site is rather a parking lot than a campground, but for us very pleasant yet - we just wanted to visit Philly. There is a full hook-up, free shuttle service to Philadelphia Hospital, free WiFi, a very safe area and very friendly staff. The price is absolute reasonable. 4 of 5 Stars because of the not really clean bathrooms. We used to use that one from our RV, so this wasn't a problem.

| Simpel but good!

By user-5884954... on 2017-10-23.

It's close to philly, you have everything you need. 30,- without tax. Friendly peolple

By user-5721883... on 2017-10-23.

Nice place to spend the night or even longer. Super high security 24 hour staff gated entry bob wires and a rear 7000V electric fence. Full hook ups. Sorry no pics app won't let me upload them

| Depends on the season

By user-5788660... on 2017-10-23.

We were here in the spring when there were only a couple of RVs in the lot. At that time it was fairly quiet other than the trains and the facilities were decent. There are no trees and RVs are just parked right next to each other like a parking lot. You can hook up water and electric but you have to go to the dump for the sewer. We came back here for a night in June and the place is packed. There are obviously no rules because the people in the RV next to us sat out and watched their outdoor TV loudly right under our bedroom at midnight to 2 AM drinking beer and partying. I used the shower in the campground bathroom because we weren't hooked up to the sewer and the place was disgustingly filthy. I guess with the number of people in the summer there is really nobody to clean it on the weekends. The price was decent enough for an overnight.

| Nice secure area

By user-5806052... on 2018-07-06.

We wanted to visit Philly and this place was perfect. It really is a park and ride for the commuters but it had about 10 – 15 spots for rvs of any size and shape. Completely gated in area with great security. Eric and Keith were simply the best. They had a bathhouse with hot showers. They also have a dump station on site. We did have to pay an extra $13 per night for our truck but still not a bad price. It was a perfect location for visiting the Philadelphia area.

| Campus Park& Ride

By anonymous-user on 2018-07-06. Stayed 2018-05-03 to 2018-05-05

Leur système de navette est parfait pour aller visiter le quartier historique de Philadelphie si vous n'avez pas de voiture. (Et même si vous en avez une Traffic et construction)

| Close to the city

By user-5789670... on 2019-08-09.

This place is just a car park and that s ok that s what we expected so we were close to the city. The staff are so lovely. The train at night was a nightmare. If u want to stay close to the city I guess that s what it is.

| Close to city

By user-6441124... on 2019-08-09. Stayed 2018-10-11 to 2018-10-12

We only stayed one night but was not that bad. Was in a parking lot next to a warehouse. Was the only one we could find close to Philly. Water and electricity. Dump station you had to back into and took a long hose

By user-5003534... on 2019-08-09. Stayed 2018-10-11 to 2018-10-14

Great way to see Philadelphia. Parked and had electric and water and a dump station. Shuttle takes to bus stop and picks up at the same place.

| It does the job and does it well.

By user-6489563... on 2019-08-09. Stayed 2018-10-29 to 2018-10-30

Very convenient for a stay in Philly. Water- good preasure, 50 amp- no surging, free WiFi available at each site. Dump available on premesis. No dog walking area. No privacy (it's a parking lot). Bathhouse and toilets available (not very clean but usuable - we opted to use our own) $30-$60/ night depending on size and toad. Free shuttle to and from the city. Not private or pretty (located in an industrial/ warehouse site) but does have 24hour security. Nice, helpful, and accommodating staff. 5 stars because it does what it promises and does the job well.

| No longer in business!!!!

By user-5242148... on 2019-08-09.

The place was sold and is no longer hosting RVs

| Permantly closed

By user-unknown on 2019-08-09.