Reviews for Cloud 9 Ranch Club

| Members only, buy you can still get in.

By user-5810317... on 2017-10-23.

This is a private campground that caters largely to all-terrain vehicle enthusiastic. It's 6, 500 Acres with 150 miles of ATV trails it has all sorts of amenities such as several club houses, restaurant, riding stables and quite a community. We stumbled on it by accident. We're driving along the road and the first Campground we had sought was closed and we are on our way to another state park when we passed by the Cloud 9 entrance. We thought it looked a little unusual but what the heck? We got to the check-in station and we were told that it is a private club for members only. However if you would like to come in as a guest you can get three nights and two days free, provided you take the sales tour so we said sure. We settled into our very dusty campsite surrounded by campers with ATVs and had a quiet night. Then the next morning we met Robert, our tour guide, and for an hour and a half he drove us all over the 6,500 acres showing us the features. Lifetime membership is $1,000 and you get a deed for your ownership, plus $42 a month maintenance fees. Robert mentioned the benefit of ownership several times but really, there was zero pressure to sign up and we appreciated that. It was a different experience and we glad we did it. .

| ATV heaven

By user-5320048... on 2017-10-23.

24 hours around the clock, try to camp away from racket is impossible. Otherwise, great place to stay. Member since 1984.