Reviews for Cotopaxi / Arkansas River KOA

| Didn't Feel Too Welcome

By user-6554790... on 2017-10-23.

This is a beautiful piece of property between Highway 50 and the Arkansas River. Yes, you can hear the passing traffic but it's no big deal. The spaces are wide, each with a picnic table, tree and grass (or what passes for grass in this neck of the woods). The pads, however, are neither large nor level. Checking in, the man in the office was businesslike but not welcoming. The park was nearly empty and he could have given us a larger more level space that was easier to get in and out of, yet he assigned us a space that was tight and tipped. Free Wi-Fi is time limited to one hour per day (with suggestions by management on how to best use that time!). A pretty spot but there are a lot of other choices in the area. Think we'll stay elsewhere next time. We travel with a 30 foot 5th wheel.

| Not Recommended..

By user-4918710... on 2017-10-23.

We were passing through and dry camping about 30 minutes down the road. We asked to pay to use their dump station, which they informed us was broken. We asked to pay for a full night (they had plenty of spots available), so we could use the full hookups to dump. Basically pay for a night and then continue on without staying... And they rudely refused. Headed down the road about 20 minutes to the Canon City KOA... MUCH bigger spots, MUCH nicer staff. Don't waste your time at this KOA. Rude, difficult people and disrepair.

| Not recommended

By user-5868310... on 2018-05-17.

This is from a fellow traveler on Facebook I try my best to find something good about any RV park I stay at. However, I finally found one that not only can I NOT recommend it, I actually have to give it a DO NOT STAY AT THIS ONE EVER rating. And this is sad, because it's a KOA, and I'm very fond of KOAs and as an older widow traveling alone, I depend on them to be a safe place for me to stay. Yesterday, I left the one and only campground/RV Park that I have ever felt unsafe staying in. They opened for the season on April 1, and they weren't ready. There were so many things wrong, including things like trees growing less than 3 feet above firepits (none of the trees had been trimmed and getting my rig through the park road involved a lot of tree-dodging), water connections that were broken and I had to use pliers to turn it and get water, and while their website does not indicate wifi, I called to confirm and was told that yes, they do have wifi - when I checked in I was told that no, the only wifi is at the office and at the closer sites that can pick up the office wifi because their repeaters were hit by lightning, they had the new ones but they've been busy and haven't bothered to install them yet. Fortunately, I took pictures of the problems to back up my claims of broken equipment and the dangerous firepit situation. Why is that important? When I went to the office with the problems, I was told to get out of the office or the woman (who claimed to be a manager but refused to give me her name) would call the police and have me removed. Then another camper who was in the office/"rec" area playing pool threatened me to get out because "You don't belong here. You're not one of us." Needless to say, I got out - and I'm calling the KOA corporate offices when they open on Monday to file a complaint. There are so many other nice places to stay along this beautiful stretch of the Arkansas River. But NOT this one!!! — at Cotopaxi / Arkansas River KOA.

| Nice 5 day stay

By user-5626248... on 2019-08-09.

I recently downloaded this app. I also uploaded most of the photos. My wife & 8 yr old son stayed here in August 2015. We had a class B van with 16 ft trailer. We normally dry camp. We stayed here 4 nights. Wednesday thru Sunday. We enjoyed our stay alot. The stay was friendly. The kid activities were good. Linda (owner) had a figurine painting class we attended. We made great memories. Our son played with the kids at the playground. The owner gave the kids a hay ride with his tractor on Saturday. We played their mini golf course. We also walked the trails along the river, very relaxing. We also drive a 1/4 mile east to a public sandy beach alone the river. We swim & fished mid afternoon. We met nice campers. The bathrooms & showers were great. We used them everyday. We had our 4 seater Can-AM on our trailer. We drove it to the Cotopaxi General store (1 mile west) multiple times & to church Sunday morning. No issues. We also drove it to the WW rafting tours (1 1/2 mile west) for the day. We made great family memories. I don't understand why some people are quick to complain & have very high expectations when RV camping. Camping does not mean resort, especially for under $50 per night. If 90% of people gave honest reviews about everything at location it would be much more helpful to everyone. Our campsite wasn't perfectly level but we didn't need levelers for our van. Camping is about spending time outside & enjoying nature. The trees weren't a problem. Searching the internet is something you do at home or at business centers. Facebook & emails are not necessary while camping in the outdoors. We put our phones away & enjoy family time. Printed Maps & a hiking GPS are best for mountain exploring since Colorado cell phone service is not reliable. It was busyer on the weekend but that's good for business. Our water & power worked fine. We liked the the option for other activities in the area. We plan to stay here in the future & have recommended it many times.