Reviews for Cummins Ferry Campground & Marina

| Hidden gem

By user-6551918... on 2017-10-23.

Very nice clean campground could use a little more shade trees on the large pull-thru sites. But it's a very quiet small & friendly place on the river with beautiful views away from the busy roads.

| Not a ferry but on the river

By user-6551918... on 2017-10-23.

Nice small campground very clean on the river & has a boat ramp with floating docks for the boats the owner seems very nice. They have a pretty nice pool, & camp store with a laundry area. The pull-thru sites don't have any shade but the back-in ones do.

| Rolling Down The River

By user-5797603... on 2017-10-23.

What a pleasant campground! We had an overnight stay in a nice pull through site. Although it's quite a long drive in from the main road on a narrow paved country road, the effort is well worth it. Owner is very friendly and helpful and even checked in with us after we settled in. Quite a few long term campers so probably good to call ahead to make sure you can get a spot with your requirements. A nice visit!

| Worst camp host experience in 40+ years.

By anonymous-user on 2017-10-23. Stayed 2015-08-04 to 2015-08-04

En route from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park to our home in Chicago, I had been driving long enough that I needed to pull over and get some sleep. I tried one campground, but they had gates across their entrance and did not answer their late check in call box. On the way back out to the main road, I passed a police officer and asked if he had a recommendation for a local campground. He said he really likes Cummins Ferry Campground. I got the address off of Google and drove over to discover the same setup. Gated entrance, no way to check in for late arriving travelers. By this point I was exhausted to the point of tears. I was traveling with 2 children and there were no other campgrounds in the area, at least none that showed up via Siri or Google. At first I considered parking in a lot and opening the windows for air, but it was a very hot and muggy night and I couldn't fall asleep. I tried the campground again, hoping I had missed something about how to register as a late night arrival. In all my years of camping, I've never come across this situation. When I drove through again, I noticed they had grassy camp spots with electric posts outside the gate. Thank heaven!!! I plugged in, put the kids in their beds, and went to sleep. 3 hours later the woman who owns the place banged on my door and said I had parked in a non-RV spot. I woke up out of a deep sleep, terrified. I apologized, explained the situation, said I absolutely intended to pay and asked how much it was. She said $35, so I handed her my credit card. She said, "You'll have to come with me." I told her I was in my nightgown and have my two children with me. She said she'd wait for me to get dressed. Mind you, this is all happening with 3 hours of sleep. After she had my credit card, she said, "You're going to have to pack up and leave right now." AFTER she intended to charge me for full hookups and a full stay. I asked her why. She said we had driven on her grass. (There isn't another option even for tent campers.) I said I was very sorry, but had limited options, that I would be happy to pay for a full site. As I looked up and down at empty spots, she bluntly said, "We're FULL." She said she was going to charge us for the full night and we'd have to leave without what I had paid for. At that point I tried again to explain that my intentions were honest and that I just wanted to do an after hours checkin as is very common with most campgrounds. -You arrive late, hookup, then register in the morning. She then relented and said she'd jumped the gun, nodding at our vintage Avion (similar to an Airstream) and said she'd gotten a lot of bad types in the area we camped in. In short, she thought our nearly mint vintage camper looked like trouble next to the $100k new RVs. I was told I could stay until 11. So I slept for 3 hours, was woken up and dragged out of bed with a great deal of hostility for half an hour, then was allowed to sleep for 3 more hours, most of which I spent jumping at every sound and worrying that I wasn't getting enough sleep to drive safely. This does not a restful sleep make. Sure enough, at 10:45 she was banging on my door again to remind me to leave at 11. In short, if you're headed here expecting welcoming hospitality, avoid like the plague. If you're on a road trip and needing an overnight stay, avoid like the plague. If you're traveling in a vintage camper (no matter how nice or cute), avoid like the plague. I'm now at another campground about 2 hours north, paying to rest yet again so that I can drive safely. Such a hassle.

| Excellent campground

By user-6547583... on 2018-07-06. Stayed 2018-06-22 to 2018-06-24

We stayed for the weekend. Clean and quiet. Beautiful setting. Owners were like old friends! Highly recommend.

| Don t bring your kids here

By user-unknown on 2019-08-09.

We should have heeded the warnings of others. Not a family friendly camp ground. Owners feel it s appropriate to curse in front of a two year old and 8 month old baby while flipping them off when I, as a parent ask, them to control their language and not use profanities in front of my children. Don t be distracted by the pool and playground. These are clearly a warped way for the owners to give the illusion that they are kids friendly.