Reviews for D & D RV Park

| Horrible Park!

By user-4878209... on 2017-10-23. Stayed 2013-05-17 to 2014-06-20

Not only is this a horrible park, the hill to come into the park is completely washed away almost. The parking is crazy, no specific way to park basically park however. The owners has a 90+ lbs rot, who bites. It bit my niece in the face for no reason, literally she was sitting there petting him, when all of a sudden he turned and had her head in it's mouth. Then afterwards the guy sit there and didn't do a thing about it told us they bumped heads, when clearly that didn't happen since she had teeth marks below her eye. Next day his wife threatened us all with a gun for calling the law on her "baby"!! Stay far away from this park.