Reviews for Drake Campground

| Very Dissapointing

By user-5734831... on 2017-10-23.

This is not the place to stay if you want a quiet place to camp and relax. Motorhomes, campers and tents are packed in so tight you cant even get out if you want to. We witnessed our camp host/owner in such a drunken state at 1 p.m. that she stumbled into our camper and caused some real damage. She also was so wasted she couldn't finish a sentence. Sure, enjoy a drink, but after your customers are checked in. There were 9 cars and 13 tents and over 20 people in three tent spots immediately adjacent to us. They allowed their children to run through our site, washed their dishes in the river (!) and stayed up talking loud until almost two a.m. Almost left to go to a motel - but couldn't get out! Not the camp host's problem, I understand, but no rules means no fun-for anyone looking to relax or sleep. Thumping stereos, generators you can hear over the river sound and not nearly enough porta potties for the number of people in the campground. The "contents" on both porta potties full to the top with two full weekend days left to go. Could have been one of the nicest campgrounds we've been to this year, but it was one we'll never return to.

| No credit cards.

By user-6206727... on 2017-10-23.

What the other reviews said is true. She was faced. It was electric only. Bad vibe.

| Nice location

By user-5898703... on 2017-10-23.

We just left. The location was beautiful. This campground has potential to be so much more. Electric only, due to the flood two seasons ago. The owner we think is a barely functioning drunk. We witnessed her stumbling & slurring. She rides around the property on her lawn mower. She was friendly with us, but seemed to dislike our neighbors. I think it was due to there dog. She made it clear she had been bitten prior. It's $36/electric only. No facilities. Too expensive. Paying for the location, I guess. I would go back, it was a beautiful location.