Reviews for Edwards Air Force Base FamCamp (Military)

| Disappointed

By user-5802993... on 2017-10-23.

We called the host when 100 miles out, and he said they had three sites available. When we arrived at the Famcamp, no one was around to check in. I called the host and he said to just pick an available site. The first site kept losing power at the box, so I called the host, and he said they were having issues with the electric. So, I unhooked in the blistering heat and moved to another site, which revealed the same wife was hot, and getting pissed. I finally moved to the third and final site, and it worked...what a concept! I never saw the host, and frankly I don't know how he can be considered a host on site, since he's never around. For a military Famcamp this place needs some maintenance and some TLC. Just imagine hooking up and breaking down three times in 100+ degrees, while your family sits inside sweating. This was not a good experience and would not recommend this Famcamp to anyone.

| Basic self service

By user-6207557... on 2017-10-23.

This is a small camp arranged around a loop. Sites are set so that you share a monument with your neighbor who is parked opposite you.. your tail to their head. While confusing to newcomers, this works pretty well. There are paved trails crisscrossing the whole area. Great for cycling or walking the dog. The exchange and commissary are close by. The gas station and mini mart are closer. The route into the famcamp is clearly marked. You pick a spot and self register. The outdoor rec people are extremely nice. I met them since I was using free night certificates. The area around the park is a little trashy...but we were having high winds, so that may have made it worse. There was a rake laying on the ground by a tree the whole time we were here. The camphost appears to have a day job and only shows up at night. The dumpsters were not closed so bones and food scraps were lying around on the ground. It was neat to watch the planes and to see the museum and NASA display.

| No longer hosted

By user-unknown on 2019-08-09. Stayed 2019-03-14 to 2019-03-14

Two years ago Andy and his wife were still hosting and this park was clean and cared for. They even added more hookup sites!! Well, the recreation staff no longer provide a Host (say they don't need one) -- And are they ever wrong! The park is messy, unmowed, and uncared for. When you fill out the registration form, they now demand that you declare any weapons and immediately take them to the base armory, and turn them over to them -- right! We pulled in, looked at how sad it now appears, took into account that they now treat us like criminals, and decided we're done. Never coming back.