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By user-5846608... on 2017-10-23.

Stayed here one night while pass through AZ. We arrived in between office hrs and found a place to park in a nice shaded area. It was a back in with full hook ups. Went back to the office in the evening and finished registering with no problems! It's a nice place and we would stay here again.

| Bad customer service

By user-5908797... on 2017-10-23. Stayed 2016-09-10 to 2016-10-10

This is an escapee park. We talked to and met a very nice receptionist prior to staying here. She had us take a look at a few available sites and we decided on one and paid a deposit. We arrived a week later and talked to another receptionist who told us that it doesn't matter what site we chose that they put us where they want. The staff has some very friendly people and some not so much. One manager was very rude every time we had a question or just making small talk. The park itself is pretty nice with mountain views and plenty of nice full time people to say hello to. There is good shopping and restaurants a short drive away, if you have a 4wd even better. Our off air TV reception was good and you can pay extra for their wi-fi. We were looking forward to coming here since we belong to the escapees but wouldn't go back because of the rudeness.

| Loved it at first, but then it got creepy and the management is very angry.

By user-5280508... on 2018-03-14.

The campers and long-termers here are both great. The pickle ball court is great. The laundry rooms are nice. The community events are a lot of fun. The people in the main office are very intense, though, and have made it such that we won't stay here again. We've been here for two months. All was well for quite a while, but this last week, we've been approached and yelled at twice. At first we were yelled at about the materials we were recycling -- we believe, we couldn't really hear what the managers were yelling from across the road. But after we showed that we were indeed recycling, we were then accused of illegal usage of the dumpsters even though we are staying in the campground and have every right to use the dumpsters. Today after dropping off our garbage, we were FOLLOWED and again accused of illegal dumpster usage even though we are staying in the campground, and the guy who keeps accusing us is the guy who checked us in, helped us change spots, and processed our utility payment. This second time we were also threatened to not have our site renewed (even though there are many empty here). So we're being threatened to be kicked out for using the dumpster. The managers are very angry and seem to not realize they approach people with a great deal of anger and yelling. I tried to respond and give constructive feedback this second time and encourage a conversation but I couldn't get a single sentence off and then the manager just drove off. He literally followed us around the park to come find us and accuse us of this illegal garbage dump use and acted like he'd never seen us before even though, again, he's the guy who checked us in, renewed us, handled our utilities, and we've said hello to numerous times in two months. The following and all the anger is way too creepy and way too aggressive and I no longer feel any comfort staying here -- the took the fun right out of this place. I'll never stay here again and I won't recommend that anyone else ever stay here.

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