Reviews for Frontier Town Family Campground

By user-5904228... on 2017-10-23.

I had heard so many great things about Frontier Town that I was so excited to go. That excitement quickly faded. The sites were very close together and many had few trees for shade or privacy. The roads in the camp ground were over run with kids on bicycles and golf carts. The kids ride their bikes without helmets (although the website reads anyone 16 and under needs one under Maryland law) and don't look at intersections. They literally just ride out in front of you. Thankfully, the speed limit is 9 1/2 miles per hour, so no one gets hurt. The golf carts were ridiculous. Everything is within walking distance, so I don't see the need for them. They, too, don't appear to yield or stop. They are supposed to be driven by licensed drivers. Unless Maryland allows 12 year old drivers, that rule is not followed. There is no security to enforce the rules. I know they can't control the weather, but the water in the water park and the pool was so warm, that it did not refresh at all during the recent heat wave. The water park is pretty small. If you have preschool and elementary aged children they might like it, but middle schoolers thought it was lame. Overall, it is overcrowded, too loud, and not relaxing at all. The bath houses were clean and air conditioned.

| Great for kids. Nice place.

By user-5829302... on 2017-10-23.

Our boys loved this campground. Waterpark being included was great. We didn't use it but they have busses to Ocean City and Assateague. Little western amusement park was great for the young kids and us adults. Sites with docks.

By user-5892961... on 2017-10-23.

| Unimpressed!

By user-5840872... on 2017-10-23.

To crowded, to noisy, to busy, small sites on top of each other. Absolutely unimpressed but I suppose if you have children it could be what you're interested in. For us, not at all.

| Family with Kids

By user-5309760... on 2019-08-09.

We love this campground! Been coming here since the 90s as a child myself. It's great for the young ones. They have a ton of activities and special weekends. If you are looking for peace and quiet, don't come here. Of you are looking for a party and a good time, this is the place for you!

| Great place

By user-unknown on 2019-08-09.

Nice size, clean and great for families. Pool, small water park, have their own marina with boat rentals and fishing charters. Activities for kids, nice store set-up. It s busy and a bit crowded at times, but one of our favorites. Only complaint is there is always teenagers flying around on golf carts.