Reviews for Gentile's Campground

By user-5840979... on 2017-10-23.

Nice campground, but a little hard to get around. They have some new spots. We paid 42.50 a night because we got 50 amp service. Satallite, non-existent but that's ok. Very friendly older couple running it.


By user-5830229... on 2017-10-23.

Is it possible to rate something with zero stars? Because I certainly would. I didn't stay here, and can't imagine it would be a pleasant stay. I called and spoke with a man who was incredibly rude. He yelled at me for every question I asked, like he thought I was scum of the earth. That's literally how this man made me feel in the 4 min and 28 seconds I was on the phone with him. By the time I hung up, I was in tears. We travel in our fifth wheel for my husband's job so we're very familiar with campgrounds, I always make the reservations and call to ask our list of questions (because when you travel as much as we do, you create a list of questions to ask each campground/RV park before committing to stay there). I asked him if the park had full-hookups, because as we well know there are parks that do not offer that. He screamed at me, "of course, there are full-hookups. I've been in business for 48 years, what do you mean, do I have full-hookups?" Then I asked how much the electricity costs per kw and he didn't know the answer, but yelled "you have to pay for whatever you burn!!" I said, yes, of course. He then said what kind of park doesn't have full-hookups? I said, well I spoke to a different park yesterday that didn't provide full-hookups so I just wanted to be sure that you do. And he continued on his yelling spree that "it must not have been in Connecticut." I said, yes, it was right down the road from him, actually and he then proceeded to trash talk that park and used profane language to do so. Definitely wouldn't say he's a family-friendly man if he's the owner of the park. Remaining calm throughout the entire conversation was difficult, but I asked him one more question about whether his spots accommodate two vehicle parking and he started the tirade about how long he's been in business again. At that point I got off the phone because I was in tears. I have never been treated so rudely and I definitely do not recommend staying in this park! If the customer service is any indication of what staying in this park would actually be like, I'd drive faster as you go by and head on down to Branchbrook Campground (where they were about a million times nicer on the phone and answered every question I asked with no problems and no screaming/yelling)

By anonymous-user on 2017-10-23.

| Good passing through

By user-5791568... on 2017-10-23. Stayed 2016-07-21 to 2016-07-22

You can tell they work hard for a couple of 70 year olds. The place has been here for 50 years and you can tell. CASH ONLY! They are really old fashioned here. Most of the sites are permanent. Pool is small but nice. Plenty for kids to explore. They have a small airport next door (little Cesnas and ultra-lights) which is fun to watch.

| Tight, tight, tight spots

By user-5882889... on 2017-10-23.

Stayed here one night. Got in with no problem with our 40' class A. Leaving the next day was a different story. Tight twisting, downhill turns, with turns guarded by small boulders. Add in trailers with awnings poking into the roadway made leaving a nightmare! Bottom line, $15,000 damages to coach from "guard rocks". I lost sight of them trying to avoid an awning when leaving. This is a camp with friendly people but it is NOT a quick overnight camp spot for a 40' class A.