Reviews for Georgia RV Park

| Tight and crazy electric

By user-5820911... on 2017-10-23.

As a one night stay, it's fine. Lots of pull thru spots but they are right next to each other. When putting out our awning, we had to stop before completely out to keep from touching our neighbor. We have a surge protector and it rebooted at least 20 times (not an exaggeration ) during the night. The drainage is very poor. After a rain, it was a swamp. The ground was wet for days. It has alot of 1 night/ passing thru guest and I think that's how it survives. They obviously dont put any money into upkeep. We stayed for 1 month in February.

| 3.5 stars.

By user-5921778... on 2017-10-23.

Nice park. Easy to maneuver. I give it 3.5 stars. No WiFi at site. Cable tv not useful, we got better reception using the RV antenna.

| Good, quick stop

By user-6327265... on 2017-10-23.

It's now called Georgia RV park. All basics there, Nothing fancy, pool was closed in May 2014. But arriving late night, you could pick a spot and do self-check in. Local sheriff dropped by as part of his rounds. Gal managing the desk in the morning was very friendly. Good for a night of sleep while passing through.

| Total lack of maintenance

By user-5801363... on 2017-10-23.

Stayed here for several months, to visit with family in the area. Convenience to the interstate is probably what keeps this place open. It's pretty run down. The pictures they show on their website and Facebook page are old. The road into the park is the only decent one there. There is 3 sections, the one in the back looks trashy from those who live there. The upper section isn't too bad other than the road but the lower section floods. The spots were gravel at some point but are now mostly dirt now, so leveling was difficult. Garbage is tossed along the woods that border the lower sites and piled outside of the dumpster. Bath house is never clean and the sewer smell that wafts through the park can be repulsive. The laundry room is dingy, smells and the lighting is poor. The washer also smells so I didn't use it. The pool was taken care of while I was there. They boast on their site about brand NEW Wifi infrastructure but you can only get it if you're sitting near the office. They also say a store will be opening soon but looking at it, its obvious it won't be any time soon as it's being used for storage of junk. This site says cable tv but that is only if you are close to the office. Pictures show an ice cooler and coke machine, I was told the ice cooler doesn't work and the coke machine is no longer there. There's a sign for firewood for sale by the piece, but it's huge logs and the maintenance man said he can't split them. Not all sites have a fire ring, which is a truck rim, so if you want a campfire you have to take a ring from another site and bring your own wood. The office ladies were very friendly, but maintenance man wandered the park, going into sites when campers weren't there looking over their stuff. He's creepy, just stares and doesn't say anything. I'm not sure what his job duties are but when campers pull out and leave garbage he goes to see what they left behind but doesn't clean site. While I was there I watched the office lady clean sites and pick up garbage. There's several cats and a dog that wander the park, I imagine they belong to those that live there but the smell of cat urine, and the feces was too much to handle. There was a camper living there with 5 dogs and they never cleaned up after them and let them bark constantly. I was hoping to leave some books for a book exchange but was told the owners mother, who lives there, only allows religious books. The maintenance man seems very friendly with her so that's probably why he has a job there. This is definitely not a relax and spend your vacation at place, but it's convenient for an overnight stop on your way to a nice place.

By user-5766411... on 2017-10-23. Stayed 2017-02-01 to 2017-05-19

Stayed here because of close proximity to work. Office ladies were pleasant, but I have to agree with the other reviews, maintenance man was creepy. I stayed in the lower section and sites were muddy when it rained because of the lack of gravel. No cable or WIFI at my spot. This seems to be a good place for people working in the area, for permanent residents or for those traveling looking for a place to rest for a night on their journey rest stop, definitely not a vacation place. There is no camp store or ice but shopping is close by. Convenient to interstate is a plus. It could be such a nice place if the owners just put some money into it.

| Unfriendly and guy is a creeper

By user-5377957... on 2017-10-23.

We stayed here for a while and was not pleased at all. Granted the lady in the office was very nice! The so called maintenance man was not nice at all. Well unless he liked you and wanted to be with you. Then you got special treatment but if you didn't flirt with him he was rude. Wifi sucked, no cable even though they had the hook up, pipeline was coming through there so they stopped offering monthly rates and made us pay by the week.

| Trashy, rundown, mud hole

By user-6620284... on 2019-08-09.

Do not stay here. It s convenient off the interstate but that s the only positive thing I can say. Not sure where they got the pictures online, but the park looks nothing like what is advertised. It was very tight to get our 40 ft fifth wheel through the park and our pull thru space was very narrow. Our site was very overgrown and full of mud holes. We only stayed for two nights. I would have demanded a refund if we had needed to stay longer. Do not recommend and will not return. Felt very trashy and unsafe.

By user-unknown on 2019-08-09.

Park not in very good shape, web site claimed cable and wifi but, no cable and wifi in and out at best. No refunds if dissatisfied