Reviews for Glenwood Canyon Resort

| **** BEWARE *** NO STAR ***

By user-4979429... on 2017-10-23. Stayed 2017-07-08 to 2017-07-08

Absolutely the worst RV experience we have ever had. My family and I were traveling home to Georgia from Alaska and looked up RV resorts through Colorado. We found Glenwood Canyon RV resort and made reservations to stay the night. The website was well designed and it made the RV "Resort" truly look like a resort. They had zip lining, a rock wall, a ropes course, a resturant, and bar. All on site. We made the reservation and after mentioning my teacup yorkie and two children the price jumped up to $94.00. Now keep in mind we thought we made reservations at a "resort" so the extra 5 charge for the dog and extra 7.00 each for the two kids still seemed fair. After all you pay more for resorts because of the extra amenities and activities. We literally were so excited about getting there that we cut our trip through Arches National Park super short just so we could hurry and get there and let the kids have fun. We arrived at 4:00 pm. Check in was at 2:00 pm so we figured we still had plenty of fun to be had because the office didn't close until 10:00. After checking in and going to our site we plugged in and took our bikes down. We rode down to the building where all the activities were done. It was literally around 4:25 pm by the time we got there. It looked pretty cool and my kids immediately wanted to do the zip line. The zip line consisted of 1 zip line going across the river then 1 coming back. After finding out it was 35.00 per person and that we had to do it with them so it would've cost our family of 4, $140 dollars for 2 short zip lines we weren't sure about it but still asked when we could do it. The man behind the counter said the next zip line activity starts at 6:00 pm and it was also the last one of the day. We then asked about the rock wall. The man said the rock wall was closed. We then asked about the ropes course. Closed as well. We were shocked! It was a Saturday at 4:30 pm in the middle of July. Why was everything closed. I remembered asking if the resort was kid friendly and was there stuff for kids to do before making the reservation. We decided to go talk to the office and request a refund because there was no activities open and it was the only reason we paid the high price of the site, the resort fees, the child fees for each child, and the dog fee. The man working in the office got a lady from the back who came out to speak with us who bluntly said she is not giving us our money back. We had only been in the site for about 1 hour and were willing to pay some money for the power we consumed in that hour. She said absolutely no refunds. She said she gets this all the time?????people wanting to leave and wanting refunds. She probably shouldn't have said that because in my mind a well run, fun resort shouldn't run into this as often as she said she does. She went on to say that when we made the reservation over the phone we were told once it's been paid for it is non refundable. We RV all the time and have never ran into something like this. She said she was the one who made our reservation so she lied about the things there was to do. If she made the reservation then she also knew we would only be staying one night and she should have said their activities were not open. When I questioned her about this she said that all the activities were open and the next time slots were at 6:00. This was incorrect or a lie because we just came from the activity center/bar/ grill and they said the only thing they were doing was the zip line at 6:00. She acted like that was news to her. She got loud, then in turn my wife and I got loud. All we wanted was our money back and we would leave to go find a RV park that at least had a decent playground for the kids to play on. Then the manager called the police. I guess they can get loud but we couldn't. So after 2 very nice police officers arrived and took everyone's statement they were still unwilling to give us a refund. At first they told the police officers that if we chose to stay, we would have to stay inside our RV for the remainder of our stay. We couldn't go to the office or the activity building or the resturant. We would literally be confined to our RV. I guess they figured we would pitch a tent by the checkin office to warn other potential customers. This to us was unacceptable so we chose to leave and take it up with our credit card company later. This was a complete disaster and a huge waste of money. Do NOT get scammed by them!!!

| Beautiful view

By user-5892274... on 2017-10-23. Stayed 2017-10-10 to 2017-10-14

The view of the canyon is great and you can get a site by the river. No cable here and wifi only works at certain places in the park, but the main draw for me was that this campground is on the bike trail through the canyon. The bike ride is a must! The doggy bags were empty but the staff is friendly. I was here near the end of the season in October. There are no spurs that get in your dogs fur and the upper parking area is graveled well. The lower parking area has gravel mixed with dirt. There are also small cabins here you can rent. In the summer they have zip lines and there is also a rafting company on the premise.

| Views are awesome

By user-6059468... on 2017-10-23.

Very clean, smaller campers can park right next to river, bigger rvs park above with easy access. Little pricier but views and river are worth it. Would stay here again.

| Pricey with loud trains brakes squealing

By user-5895898... on 2017-10-23.

$67 for a spot in a large gravel parking lot. Sure the river is right there but so are the trains 3-4 a night and all seemed to stop, the loud pitch squeal were enough to have people cover their ears inside the rv with windows/doors shut, which of course woke us all a few times that night.

By user-5858830... on 2017-10-23.

This campground "resort" is a total ripoff. It cost me almost $68.00 for one night. Ripoff points: says they have cable, they don't, they give you satellite coordinances for your dish; they say they have wifi, very limited, my off air worked better than their wifi; the sewage drain is at the very front of your lot, you need at least 60 feet of sewage hose to drain your tanks; the water connection is about at the middle of your trailer; $6,00 for a beer at their bar and grill and $4.50 for a small bag of ice; trains come roaring through at all hours of the day and night, screeching brakes, couldn't even sleep. Last "resort" campground.

| You are paying for proximity to the river

By user-5787803... on 2017-10-23.

If you read reviews online for this campground, and there are many on the internet, you will find many complaints. You will hear about the fact that the wifi is only available in a limited area. You will hear about the extremely noisy train that's squeals multiple times through the night right across from the campground. You will hear that the campground is quite pricey. All of these things are true. The campground does have several redeeming qualities however. First, if you are looking for a campground where you can walk over to a restaurant or bar and enjoy a fun evening looking out of the canyon, this is one of your only options. Second, if you get one of the lower sites, you are sitting literally feet from the river. For anyone who enjoys being by water, or wants to fish first thing in the morning, these sites are incredible. But if wifi is important to you, you can't get a site down by the river, or you want to sleep peacefully through the night, then I would stay at Ami's campground just about 5 miles to the west.

| Nice to avoid

By user-5687168... on 2018-07-06.

We do reviews all over the world and want to thank the honest people here who took the time to detail their experiences! Do not go there!