Reviews for Golden Isles Vacation Park

| Clean but bad

By user-6317392... on 2017-10-23.

Water smells like sewage and the internet doesn't work

| Full timers

By user-5801925... on 2017-10-23.

Not bad not disappointed

| Overnight

By user-6007279... on 2017-10-23.

Very friendly. Came in around 9 pm and explained we wanted to leave early. Gave us a great pull thru site and didn't even have to unhook. $5 filling breakfast and we were on our way.

| Good for a stop over of a couple nights

By user-5308283... on 2017-10-23.

Price is right with all sites having full service. Pleasant enough staff. Restrooms and showers clean with hot water. Park is well kept. Fish and shrimp fry in Fran's restaurant on Wednesdays and Fridays.

| Must have changed.

By user-5769824... on 2017-10-23.

We decided to try it and happy to say the water is fine both taste and smell and the internet and cable work well. Very easy to connect. In a motorhome.

| OK

By user-5197164... on 2017-10-23.

Ok. But a little run down. Could use some work

| Beware....dont drink the water

By user-6383787... on 2017-10-23.

First off....the water...raw sewage is running out of the bath house ....close to where the water comes from...that you drink...take a shower with, etc. The smell and the gnats gathered there was horrid. Inspectors were scheduled to come out so things were getting "covered" up. Rotting and moldy siding on the bath houses were covered with a board and painted. Sewer still running out of a pipe from the bath house. Some of the workers drinking beer and throwing their beer bottles in the bush behind bath house. When walking our dogs to back of park, we saw some of the workers back there smoking dope and drinking while on the job. These people also live on site. Speaking of dogs....several of the full time residents that walked their dogs allowed their dogs to poop on other sites and not clean up after them. So not only did we have to clean up after our dogs, we had to clean up poop everyday from their dogs so we wouldn't step in it. When I caught one of them and asked them to pick up after her dogs, she just glared at me and walked off....continuing to take her dog to poop on our site. So beware, if you're on the side of the road across from the residents, of a girl with a white dog. I caught a man snooping at my neighbors site while she was not their. He was trying to look into her camper and looking around her site. I informed the older man riding around in a golf cart that checks the sites and he told me that the mans wife worked there. He'd say something. Dude still walked around snooping as new campers arrived. Most of the office staff were great except one older woman. On one occasion I went to office to check on their propane price. She tells me its $3.69 a gallon. I was a little shocked when I just paid $1.99 a gallon down the road. When I commented on what I paid, she told me to go there and get then...very hateful. Other campers we spoke with also commented how hateful she was and avoided her when they had to go to the office. The other office staff were great. The food was OK. Breakfast was good for those who were traveling through and didn't want to cook before leaving. Back to the water... When you took a shower, you smelled like the water. Sewer smell. We had to buy water to cook with and drink. The water pressure was very little. It took twice as long to take a shower. We were told they had a leak and were fixing it. We were there for 6 weeks. It never improved. We were suppose to be there for 8 weeks but couldn't stand the smell, water, dog poop, and the gnats. This could be a nice place if they put some effort into it. But it seems the owners priorities are not into this campground. Just what needs to be done or covered up before inspection.

| Georgia low country

By user-5197164... on 2017-10-23.

Ok for the passport prices if only for short stay. Lot of RVs needing repair, barking dogs and dog poop left around. nice bath house facilities

| Short time is OK

By user-5851057... on 2017-10-23.

Nothing special here. Half the park is permanent resident's, the cable required renting a cable converter ($40 dollar deposit, refunded after return), Site 40 the wifi was weak and slow. Handy for site seeing Jekyll Island. PPA rate $20. Oh ya, saw the lady with the white dog, she does not pick up after her dog, she also does some other discussing things.

| Bad place

By user-5817261... on 2018-03-14. Stayed 2017-10-17 to 2017-10-19

Very uncomfortable with half the park being rundown campers. I wouldn’t even leave my “cheap” camping chairs out for fear of them being stolen. We will never stay again. Next time I’ll pay better attention to the other reviewers! My husband had to fight off cockroaches while trying to take a shower.

| Unbelievable

By user-5275629... on 2018-03-14.

Just don’t go there, every negative comment you will read about this place is true,

| Not bad for the price

By user-6552031... on 2018-05-17. Stayed 2016-03-15 to 2018-03-18

We stayed four nights. With passport America we paid 25 per night. Bathrooms were clean. Good wifi. Is true about many run down campers in the back. They should clean some of them up and prove the place. Felt safe. Would stay again. Better for an over night stop then a destination park

| Been here many times

By user-5804063... on 2018-07-06.

Stayed here before I got Passport America. Definitely worth the PPA price, I mainly only use electric here, maybe empty the gray. I'm sure the water is still horrible.

| Good overnight stop.

By user-5195370... on 2019-08-09. Stayed 2019-01-01 to 2019-01-02

Good overnight stop, helpful staff, ate breakfast at the restaurant, it was good, campground was quiet. Pull thru sites, very tight sites

| Under new management.

By user-5290616... on 2019-08-09.

Just recently went under new management. New owner said they are changing it up, adding more family/kid friendly updates. Whole campground is going to have a facelift inside and out and will be "cleaning" up the appearance. It needs a better dog walk other than a drainage ditch. Main laundry house is very nice. They will still have a workamper program. Will eventually change the name to Southern Retreat.