Reviews for Heber Springs RV Park

By user-5365710... on 2019-08-09.

Stayed here for 30 days due to daughter living in area and having a baby. We were here to help her out. Would not recommend this place. In the 30 days we were here they cleaned the restroom/shower one time, and that was only after we asked them if anybody ever cleans them. There are only two restrooms for men, and two for women. There is actually a third for each but they never unlock it for whatever reason, although the handy man unlocks it so he can shower in it. This would not be a problem except on one Friday a toilet in one of the men's restrooms would not flush. I reported it to the maintenance man on Friday afternoon. His reply was well guess you will have to use the other one. Guess he meant it because it wasn't fixed till sometime Monday. That left one toilet for the men for 2 1/2 days. There is also not a handicap shower or toilet for the men. They also need to put a light outside mens restroom. Almost broke my neck a couple of times missing the step.