Reviews for Holiday Trav-L-Park

| Pricy but nice place

By user-6616457... on 2017-10-23. Stayed 2017-06-10 to 2017-06-14

Well kept, lots of events like "Red Neck Ruckus" (I'm not making that up) weekend while there. Nice people, huge, lots of well kept pools, miniature golf etc. Would stay again.

| Could be a GREAT park with some TLC!

By user-6313621... on 2017-10-23.

The park is in a great location and there are many paths for walking and riding bicycles. There are a couple of stores and cafes onsite, most of which were closed when we stayed the month of September. The park is NOT well maintained which is a shame since there are so many amenities that would make this a great park. Only one pool was open which was in the $70 a night area (nice concrete pads), but no monthly rate available for those. The jets were loud but awesome...LOVE THE SOUND OF FREEDOM!! We will not go back unless we see signs of management investing in upgrades. So sad as this one was something in its prime!

| Overnight stay

By user-5886793... on 2017-10-23.

Quick stay overnight. The amenities looked nice though we didn't get to use any of them. Sites were tight even the pull thru's. They are grass and a little gravel. Postioning of water, power and sewege was the best of any site I have been on. The price was half of what was being charged at the KOA. Registration staff was very nice. We were lucky and were able to get a spot where there was a break in the trees and could get some satellite signals. We would stay again if in the area.

| Omg.....never again

By user-5892184... on 2017-10-23.

This place was gross. If you like rocks, mud and garbage. .....This is the place for you! !! There is no one cleans up....Every store was dirty, unkempt..and looked like they have not mopped in months.....arcade everything was out of order....pools were ok..activities were limited and when my kids went to go watch the outdoor movie it was in another language (as per my kids) ... very disappointed...was afraid to let my kids touch anything. The only good part of the whole park was the shuttle that too you to the beach.

| One time only

By user-4941002... on 2017-10-23.

Won't stay here again. The place is crowded and tight. The roads are very narrow and everyone is on top of each other. Very noisy at night. Loud músic playing every night. During the day, kids of all ages are running loose. Got to be extra careful driving not to run over people! WIFI is NOT free. The only good thing was that the sites are pretty leveled.

By user-5869669... on 2017-10-23.

Traveling with another couple around the country and booked here on October 7 for 2 days, extended to the 11th. Park was not full and we had fun sightseeing around this area. Staff was pleasan, park is clean and convenient to the beach. The jets are VERY loud but we dealt with it. Would stay again if in this area.

By anonymous-user on 2017-10-23.

Everything is nice except the bathrooms they are dirty, nice pools.

| Great Location

By user-5864838... on 2017-10-23. Stayed 2017-02-09 to 2017-02-10

This is a large RV park that offers many amenities during the summer season including multiple swimming pools, mini golf, store, bus stop, snack bar. We were there in Feb. to check out the area for a future trip. This camp is location at the end of Virginia Beach, south of Rudee's Inlet. Since there is a sidewalk/walking path from the campgrounds to the beach, I am guessing many campers might walk. It would be a too far for me, but not to worry as they have a bus/trolley stop ride in the camp. The camp also has their own parking lot about a block off the beach. The Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center is a walkable distance from campground and would be a great place to go if you have a rainy day or want a break from the sun. Other attractions I would recommended: There is a wonderful playground at the beach (south end) that is wheel-chair access. A short drive from the north end of the beach is First Landing State Park with a nice visitors center and numerous hiking trails. The staff was friendly. The park well maintained. We will plan on visiting again.

| A little Squirrely

By user-5750786... on 2017-10-23. Stayed 2014-07-03 to 2014-07-11

Have stayed here previously and maybe again. THE GOOD: Several pools break up the crowds making each pool enjoyable. They were clean. Well stocked camp stores (two). Bathrooms are first class but need some cleaning attention. They get very busy but do offer rain showers and modern decor. Little squirrels running about are friendly and can be hand-fed. Squirrels are almost tame. Premium sites are great. The park is generally clean, in a nice area. THE BAD: Few security patrols for the whole park. Guards can not begin to patrol adequately, a park this size with no help. Signs posted to lock up your stuff but other then front gate guards automatic wave in, I did see local police drive in and patrol. Next day saw police stop and arrest two people. The park reflects the community of Virginia Beach, with it's very well known issues and joys. Normal camping sites are challenging with trees at site entrances and exits. The normal sites are to close for today's larger RV. Makes arrival and departures tough unless your RV is small. Campground at times is overfilled with tenters on weekends and they put them everywhere and I mean everywhere there is space! During my stay a bad pit bull was around. Even the owner said it was a really mean dog. Why would you bring that type of thing to a campground around kids and where was the campground control? OTHER: Located next to a farm and a Navy fighter aircraft base. So expect aircraft noise and fighters but only during the day. I liked seeing them, love our military, support them and really enjoyed watching the aircraft as they practice low speed flying, some others don't it seems. What do people expect next to a military base? It isn't Disney it's our military! At night they have entertainment at front pool. DJ's are great, making you want to dance and have fun but the live bands were REALLY bad, REALLY terrible. 30 minutes of 40-50 year old music and then 20 minute breaks. Wish I had a job like that! The singers get words wrong to songs and the band members are generally grandpa's. Bring a small cooler and mind your manners and you can drink at pools, nice, but almost a necessary when the 3rd rate garage bands play. I did notice a life guard at front pool wearing lace up combat boots,...most pools don't have life guards which in this case was probably better. That way only one person would drown (sic). In general this is a good campground that just needs a team of security patrols and better park employee supervision. Come, but know this is an urban park with a lot of people. The owners have really made some very nice touches but they need to focus now on maintaining the place and correcting some common management challenges.

| Dream Stay

By user-5595228... on 2018-05-17.

Definitely one of the very best parks that I have stayed at! All staff were professional and available at a moments notice. My family and I will cherish the memories!

| Wonderful

By user-6394232... on 2018-05-17.

Great park. Gem in Virginia Beach. Clean, large sites, wonderful staff. Can get very crowded on event weekends but had no problems at all. Wooded with dirt/grass sites but also some supersites with concrete pads.

| Fun stay!

By user-5924707... on 2018-07-06. Stayed 2018-06-11 to 2018-06-18

My husband and I stayed in Eden (324) for a week in June. Check in is easy, grounds are huge and lots of amenities. Its a little muddy when it rains. Next time, I’ll stay in either Sunny Meadows or Green Acres. You can bike to the Citgo, owned by holiday, and most importantly, you get free parking at the beach around 9th st.

| Nice but noisy

By user-unknown on 2019-08-09.

If it weren't for the very loud partying from Friday afternoon until Saturday night, I would rate a 5. The loud partying seems to be encouraged by the campground, if by nothing other than the 11 pm quiet hour. And the locals definitely take advantage with their stereos cranked all day, right up to the last minute. The weekdays were perfect when the place virtually empties. I liked the surrounding woods, the nice bathrooms and showers, and the staff were helpful and pleasant. I would come back for a stay during the week, but not on the weekend.

| Good park, but noisy and need more maintenance!

By user-4554189... on 2019-08-09.

We stayed in this RV park for 2 months - from Oct 5 until December 5, 2018. Be prepared to go back in time to the 60's or 70's, as this is how this park looks like. The good: -Enough space between RVs. -Beautiful park with lots of trees. -Large park with many areas to walk. -Bathrooms are clean. -Check-in was easy. -Most people in the office were nice. -Price per month was reasonable in the regular areas. Included water and electrical. -The Super Sites are amazing, though expensive. -Good location. Close to restaurants, stores, supermarkets, the beach, etc. The bad: -Some areas look abandoned. It looks like they are not giving good maintenance to it. -Except for the Super Sites, they are not giving good maintenance to the ground. -They don't keep roads clean from fallen seeds or fallen branches and dirt. -If you stay during the month of October be ready to celebrate Halloween every weekend. It's annoying to a degree, at least to us, that stayed the whole month of October. Too much party and kids running everywhere. Not peaceful at all. I used to love Sundays when everybody left. It was SO PEACEFUL!!! -Airplanes from the Navy Air Force pass very close to the park. At first is incredible and you admire the different types of airplanes, but after a while it can be super noisy, and they are passing through the entire day until night! Very annoying! -There is 1 dog park near the Super Sites area. Big park, but they don't keep that much of good maintenance to it. Some areas flood and gets muddy when it rains. All in all I think that with a little bit more maintenance to the areas, it would be much better. The Halloween party is good for people with children and it probably brings good revenue to the park as it gets full. The airplanes..., there's nothing they can do about it, and they mention it in their website, at least.

| Tedious RV site

By user-5419513... on 2019-08-09.

Won't stay here again. The place is crowded and tight. The roads are very narrow and everyone is on top of each other. Very noisy at night. Loud músic playing every night. Clientele was frightening !! During the day, kids of all ages are running loose. Got to be extra careful driving not to run over people! WIFI is NOT free. Very poorly run, you have one line for entry, if you are registered and only need to get to your site they want you to wait for the check ins to clear before you can proceed..we went around and were told they were calling police..The only good thing was it was convenient to the beach front.

| Convenient location, party atmosphere

By user-4998873... on 2019-08-09. Stayed 2019-06-19 to 2019-06-23

Good place to stay. It was overall a very pleasant experience. They had live bands Friday and Saturday nights and it was a very happening place. Quiet hours are a little loosely interpreted, so it may not suit for people without a little bit of a wild side. There were 3 open swimming pools, and the 4th being opened shortly. This really helped with crowding. The trolley was incredibly convenient, so we opted to use that rather than the free beach parking. The property is a little worn and it s age is showing, but that doesn t really affect its functionality. It isn t some pristine resort, but it s very usable. My biggest complaint is that the last night we were there, one pool area was rented out for a party that absolutely didn t fit the country weekend theme, with very loud, very obnoxious music. There were several hundred people in cars that looked like they should transport drug dealers or career criminals. Thankfully the 11pm limit was strictly enforced and the music stopped immediately. At 11:03, they started pouring out of the park, with no regard for speed limits or campground etiquette. It sounded suspiciously like gunshots rang out about 11:05 and multiple police vehicles were seen in the park shortly thereafter.