Reviews for Ja-Mar Travel Park

| Added to..Pleasantly Surprised

By user-5907761... on 2017-10-23.

By the way... Pet owners should also understand that they can walk their pets in many.. many areas of this RV Park! They (owners) have reserved areas ( certain streets and common areas) where all animals are prohibited.... This is for the benefit of non-pet owners! ...Sounds fair to me and works well in practice! Come visit and bring your pets here too!

| Not a place for pets

By user-5792812... on 2017-10-23. Stayed 2015-02-24 to 2015-03-03

The park is clean and well maintained. The sites are very tight. The owners were very nice. I just didn't like it there. They have very specific rules on we're you can walk your dogs. You are not allowed to walk around the block with them because each street is divided into the dog section and the dogs not allowed section. I was walking my dogs as directed by the owner Starla when I had a women, I will refer to her as the dog poop Natzi confront me and tell me I can't walk them on her street. I told her this is where I was told I could walk them. She said we don't want all that p and s..t on our street. I shook my bag of dog poop at her and said I clean up after my own and occasionally after something someone might have missed. Yes she lived in the dogs allowed section and had a big dog that wanted to come through the window at us every time we went passed. I should have talked to the owner but decided we wouldn't extend our stay and just avoid the drama. I wasn't happy not walking my dogs like I like to. I suppose the owner would have liked to know because this woman's action basically took income from the owner.

| Pleasantly surprised!

By user-5907761... on 2017-10-23.

This place should be on your list to visit! The office staff was exceptional! The owners are present and active to make for a very good operation. It is an older park with some older park model mixed in with newer one BUT they are maintained well. A nice pool.. library and comfortable clubhouse.. game building..clean maintained shower/bathrooms..paved roads and driveways... It is a more friendlier park than most w/much in-house activities! (Understanding that this a long narrow park w/ the wifi centrally located toward the front ...may keep you close to all the action! This is a very good place to land! I will be back... save some room for me!

| Misleading

By user-6475411... on 2017-10-23.

Wii fi is only available in their tiny little library that's NOT AIR CONDITIONED! Seriously, this is Florida! NO CABLE. One public bathroom and shower without AC. 6 washers and only 2 dryers in a room with, yup you guessed it, no AC. RV site was fully paved but this place is NOT worth the money. I will never stay here again.

By user-5781209... on 2019-08-09. Stayed 2019-03-20 to 2019-03-27

There are 2 Ja-Mar Parks. This one and just north called Ja-Mar North. We drove around this one and stayed at the "North" which is a few years newer. Both are generally in good condition and well run. Busy in the winter months but we got in for a week in March. Price is right at $237 for the week. Both parks are very tight. Roads are narrow but the sites are OK once you get in.