Reviews for Joes Lodge

| They have 2 sites for RV's

By user-6078441... on 2017-10-23. Stayed 2017-07-21 to 2017-07-22

The rest are seasonal rentals, and there are a bunch of cabins. I camped in a 40' motorhome. Its a couple miles off the paved road. But it was graded well. I had site 8 which is low lying and after a big storm I wasn't sure my coach would be able to get out of it. My jacks sank a few inches into the grassy mud after it rained later in the afternoon. Once you get to their driveway there are a number of low hanging branches, one of which is about 1.5" thick. I mentioned it to the owner, not much of a response so hopefully they will trim them back. My coach is only 12'7" and I've seen a lot of 5th wheels lately that are much taller than mine. There is also a very low power looking wire running across the driveway right in front of the office. Luckily only my antenna hit it. There was a single mens bathroom and shower that needs a makeover but works fine. The oddest part was where the power pedestal is located, its all the way at the front of the site, and the water is all the way at the back of the site. They are literally 40' apart. I felt very lucky that when I just inched the front of my coach off the road and I could still reach the power pedestal with my cord. but barely. The old power pedestal is still there back by the water and sewer, but I was told its no longer connected. While i was there, the one day, a severe storm came thru and knocked over a bunch of large trees, it also killed the power and water for a few hours. The roads getting back to the campground were blocked by fallen trees too. Lots of chainsaw noises that night and the following morning. The main experience that burned my butt was they charge $10 per dog per night. So the one night bill for us was over $80 with two dogs. And they did not provide a dog park or even bags for cleansing up after them. Since they do nothing for the dogs the charge seems absurd. We have been on the road for 10 weeks and only one place charged us for the dogs and that was $3 each. They provided a dog run and lots of cleanup stations with bags around the park.