Reviews for Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park

| Not for us!!

By user-5248613... on 2017-10-23. Stayed 2016-05-27 to 2016-05-31

I don't care for place were there is constant traffic! I timed it one night the longest time between either a vehicle or golf cart was 2:43 mins. Kids driving golf carts all night. Cars drive to fast, kids everywhere wo supervision. No rules are enforced. We felt like we're staying in downtown Detroit. Bathrooms had standing water. People drive their car on to grass at 10:30pm to light up the volleyball court. It was stressful, no peace at all!!! Kentucky lake village beach was gross, it smelled so bad. People brought their dogs to swim, they used restrooms anywhere. Kids ran free. We will not be back!!

| Beautiful area

By user-5774518... on 2017-10-23.

Huge trees. Green grass. Paved roads. Paved sites. Need extension cord for electric hook up. All fixtures work in showers. Heaters in bathrooms. Bath rooms old but clean. Would stay again. This is not an RV parking lot but a nice campground.

| Needs some TLC

By user-5787219... on 2017-10-23.

We've been here a few times and a lot of the sites are not level. We drove around a couple of times searching for a half way decent level site. Yes, as others have said, being extra long Electric cord and water hoses. I showered in the bathhouse once, but I felt closterphobic in there. It was not easily assessable for me, as my little Go-Go scooter was too big.

| Disappointed

By user-5892247... on 2017-10-23.

If you are in motorhome or trailer, bring extra long power cord (50 ft) and 50ft of water hose. Sites share power pedestal and water. Facilities need work and updating. Only about 5 people here on a Tue night. We had planned to stay a few days and play golf. May leave a day early. We would NOT stay here again.

| Not what I was hoping for.

By user-4503852... on 2017-10-23.

This was our first stay at KY dam village state resort campground an I have to say I'm not impressed. My biggest issue with our 3 day stay was the bathrooms. Floors were covered in water, trash, dirt an other bodily waste. On top of that several times they were lacking toilet paper. This to me is highly unacceptable! Not to mention unsanitary. They finally got one bathroom cleaned up so me an my son went to shower an came out an my wife noticed that the bleach they used to clean had ruined all the clothes we brought in. My son was upset his favorite shirt was covered in white patches. Also the bathrooms are kinda for away especially when you really gotta go, better hop in your car an drive. Another concern is kids are not taught about road safety. They don't look both ways nor move to the side of the road when they see a vehicle. I did like that there were a lot of kids my son could fell a little independent an ride his scooter to the playground an play.