Reviews for Lake Myers RV Resort

| Bad

By user-6660874... on 2017-10-23.

Do not let you stay there if you are in a conversion camper van very poor idea

| Small rigs only...?

By user-5771461... on 2017-10-23.

I am reading on other sites this is not a big rv friendly rv park...

| Tire spikes on the exit gate!

By user-5220478... on 2018-03-14.

We couldn't find a place for weekend on a last minute drive through. Called the lake Meyers number connected to rvparky and got Encore mistake number 1. So $105. For 2 nights in fear we wouldn't get a place. Well we would have had more peace in a Walmart parking lot! Gulf cart traffic people mostly live here. Only one way through the park if you make a wrong turn you have to exit and drive out on the road and reenter. Did I mention TIRE SPIKES! Tight driving through not just trees but people's rock gardens and gulf carts. Our site was covered in the neighbors leaves 2 feet thick we had to clear away ourselves. While we were appreciative to have hookups I would never recommend this place to people who normally enjoy peaceful grounds to stay.

| Mostly permanent sites with golf carts

By user-unknown on 2019-08-09.

Stayed here a couple times due to nearness to family. A lot of gas powered golf carts with overweight people that should be walking just cruising around looking. Teens with stereos on their golf cart. Weekdays are quiet enough but weekends are bumper-to-bumper. Clean restrooms. Good pool and game room Since it is gated, would recommend for teens not yet old enough to be in the real world.

By user-6233812... on 2019-08-09.

Don't bother stopping all the good spots are taking by the the people who live there. Real tilling not level and tight.

| A big ole bag of nope

By user-5000071... on 2019-08-09.

My parents have a second home in Mocksville so we thought we would come up and check out the campground for one night. Not a good experience, wish we stayed at their place instead. Lots of permanent sites and we were looked at like we had three heads or something. Party central for the older folks. Yes we like to have our drink on but this seems like a weekend event for the perms. Like we invading their territory.