Reviews for Lake Williams Campground

| Clean, pet-friendly, park, huge lake

By anonymous-user on 2017-10-23. Stayed 2014-05-23 to 2014-06-07

Upon arrival I was greeted by a very friendly, extremely reasonable and accommodating staff. They gave me a run-down of the exciting events they had for the next few weeks and told me all about their boat rentals. The gravel covering their roads is well kept. The campsite was clean and prepared for our arrival. I love that their lake is 300 something acres. It was huge with cute little islands in the middle. We were able to go kayaking and canoeing multiple times and we didn't even have to bring our own boats to do so. Whenever a problem arouse, for example my car wouldn't start, the staff was right there to help me out!! One last note, this campground is actually pet-friendly, they have a designated spot for my dogs to go swimming and many other friendly dogs around! Thanks for the great time, we will come again

| Great Lake views

By user-5884146... on 2017-10-23.

Read the previous reviews and can see their point, the bathrooms were terrible. It's a country bumpkin place no doubt. Yet, if you're looking for some quiet time on a lake or quiet country roads the this will do. I'd not tent here but if you are self contained i.e. RV and don't mind using your own facilities then this is a good place. It's quiet and right on the lake, good place for small kids to catch Sunfish and enjoy the lake, great views of the country and if you cycle then Route 207 is a good route, decent shoulders and challenging hills. Again, if you use your own facilities this is a good place, if you need to use theirs don't come here.

| Peaceful CG

By user-5843694... on 2017-10-23.

Can't wait to come back. Well manicured cg, friendly staff, clean lake. Plenty of fish too. Didn't see any of those killer snakes nor did we witness any "attacks" The waterfront site we had (T4) has a killer view and was grassy, spacious and nice and flat. The nearby seasonal people where kind and friendly. We shared food, boat rides and conversation. Can't wait to re visit. Not alot for kids to do but if you have a little fisherman or kayak fanatic then this is the place. Didn't use bathrooms though they where clean and orderly. The showers gave curtains not locking doors.

By user-5750261... on 2017-10-23.

We stayed at Lake Williams Campground multiple times this summer and had so much fun. Everyone was so nice and always helpful. There were events on holidays and a great beach to relax on. My dog had a great time at the dog beach! We will be visiting again next year. I read the review below and have never had any problems with being bitten or walked in on in the bathroom! You're in the outdoors, there will be snakes but I didn't see any at Lake Williams Campground.

| Don't stay here aweful experince and expensive, rude and unreputable owner and staff

By user-5909572... on 2017-10-23.

Don't stay here aweful eeperience and expensive, rude and unreputable owner and staff one thing and do differently once they have your money. Harass campers. Basically bad landlords, bad people, so only stay if you like being lied to, harassed, hav ing your property stolen and money stolen. If you dont enjoy the above aweful treatment and actually want to go somewhere to relax and enjoy, best to go somewhere else. Lots of seasonal campers trying to get out of there, lots of disatifaction and their places are up for sale,,, but don't be fooled into it. Very expensive and no a services besides swimming.and getting bit by snakes as the snakes home is the beach.. in qpond with snakes, yes snakes is not safe and they do nothing about it...also no paper towels or soap in bathrooms never unsanitory and in bathrooms the prevert staff walk in bathroom and showers of opposite sex, no knocking or announcing they are coming in and when you ask them not to or any of your concerns they lie and call police when there the perverts that walk into the shower stall while your in the shower...this is not an isolated incidence other campers have same experience. They have a wild pit bull dog they let run wild no leash threatenin barking n chasing kids and adults...the list goes on...not fun and not safe...dont waste your money or time. 9h yeah the quote one amount and charge you more...ripeoff and unprofessional