Lawson's Landing

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| terrible

By user-5867747... on 2017-10-23.

Loud, drunk partiers. Unpaved, undeveloped, left the place earlier even though we already paid.

| Nice location.

By user-5718994... on 2017-10-23.

The only problem I had was the wind. The grounds were clean. Staff was nice. Beach was beautiful. Good times.

| Woodstock without the music...

By user-5812341... on 2017-10-23.

....and lots of kids and dogs. Thats what my husband said unaffectionately as we pulled out after our weekend this weekend. We likely will never return. Its a great area, and if you're willing to climb the dunes to get to the water, its a beautiful view. There is a small area on the back side of the dunes with 2-3 camp sites about half way thru the park...those would be the only sites we'd consider ever coming back to. We ended up with large families with multiple screaming/crying children on either side of us. And adults constantly yelling at their kids, or not yelling at their kids when they should have. The people across from us where smoking pot, which due to the wind kept blowing into our camp. Quiet time came and went and nobody settled down. It was after midnight before the camp got quiet. We even went driving around to other camp grounds searching for a new site to get out of this place, no go-everything was booked. The porta potties were literally destroyed by the campers hours after being cleaned by the sanitation guy. My husband didnt even want to use them to stand to pee, they were so gross (and hes no wimpy boy). Campers were allowing their dogs out to poop in the unoccupied camp sites and not going back to pick it up. Everyone ignores the leash law/camp rules. The staff we met were nice, there's just too much camp for too few people to monitor.


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