Reviews for Lehman's Lakeside RV Resort

By user-2546001 on 2017-10-23. Stayed 2013-05-09 to 2013-05-11

There was a small lake but had a gate that controlled vehicle traffic. Since it rained constantly, we didn't walk to the lake. We stayed in a pull through space with a 5th wheel. Easy access, relatively level and nice spacing between neighbors. Friendly and accomodating staff. Take plenty of drinking water. The water here has a very high iron content. We bought a filter but didn't help that much. Wifi signal was very weak so we couldn't use it. Overall it was enjoyable but a little more expensive than we had been paying on this trip.

| Adequate

By user-5684990... on 2017-10-23.

Wifi doesn't work, lake seems stagnant and algae floaters in it. Most sites no sewer. Paved = gravel. But, staff were excellent!

By anonymous-user on 2017-10-23.

Can I give zero stars? Full time rver and thus was by FAR THE WPRST EXPERIENCE I'VE HAD EVER! Swamp pit no amenities like advertised, rude employees and owner, rip off big time! STEER CLEAR!!!!

| Very Helpful, Lots to Do

By user-5863940... on 2017-10-23.

We were a last minute reservation and they were more than helpful. Big spots, not much privacy. Nice clean bathrooms and showers. Water sports, canoeing and paddle boats on a private lake all included. We will be back!

| Great weekend spot

By user-5680661... on 2017-10-23. Stayed 2014-05-08 to 2015-05-10

When we arrived they led us to the site, was great since it was our first trip in our new travel trailer. Even helped us hook everything up! Park is clean, quiet and friendly. Ignore the reviews you see on other sites. Looking for a quiet weekend, this is your spot.

| Very nice place to camp

By user-4761231... on 2017-10-23.

Site 119 The owners were pleasant and helpful. Grounds kept very nice

| Really nice

By user-5119659... on 2017-10-23. Stayed 2014-12-13 to 2014-12-14

This campsite is opened all year which we really liked. The only negative thing was it was hard to see the site number because we arrived in the dark. So if the numbers were a little bigger then it would be perfect. We had a lovely pull through site next to a spruce tree. Also if arriving on a weekend after the office closed it would be nice to have our receipt attached to our site map like other campgrounds do. Our overall experience was really good and we'll return when we come back this way.

| Nice, affordable spot

By user-5865916... on 2017-10-23.

We stayed at Lehmand for about 2 weeks, it was one of the nicer parks we've started at. We had a nice spot looking out at a pond. There is a much bigger lake that we enjoyed taking our dog for walks around. Only 2 down falls were that the concrete pad we were placed on was very broken up and not level, and their winter office hours really are not convenient, they seem to be the every other day from 3-7pm.

| not a good place

By anonymous-user on 2018-03-14. Stayed 2011-04-09 to 2017-12-09

Do not waste your money or time with this park. We were seasonal for six years. Reason we stayed was wonderful fellow campers. Our electric never worked on our site. It blew a circuit board on our brand new camper. We got a surge protector and electric fried it. Then we went and purchased a new 300.00 one and that one showed we never were getting enough power to run the 30 amp. Never was it fixed completely and continued to have problems, until this year when we had no power all summer and had to move to another site. We were told it would be fixed, so we were waiting patiently for it to be fixed. Then come to find out in November, that they were not allowing us to renew. The reason?? They said we called the county on them. Well first, we did not do this. Second, if someone did, what difference does it make if you are running a legit business. So, now for the review, the roads are horrible. All of them need repair and none of them are getting it. Electric doesn’t work on many sites, the owner will tell you she will fix it but never does. There is a mound of asphalt (used) on the area the call the island. Been there three years we were told it was to repair the roads, but has not been moved or used for this at all. As far as I am concerned a health hazard, first for the chemicals, second for the injuries that can happen when kids play on it. The water is not clean as it used to be. Has so much floating goose poop that you cannot swim in it safely. The rec hall where activities use to be held has bad order like mold and our whole family would have reactions after spending time in there. They advertise free Wi-Fi and cable. However, Wi-Fi and cable does not work. When you mention this you are told that they are not going to fix it anymore. She advertises activities, and this year notified everyone that there will be no activities. They overcharge for electric also. They do not maintain any of the grounds. Signs break and they leave them. Playground breaks and they leave it. They do not put any money into this place and if you need to discuss anything with the owner, she hides and doesn’t return calls or anything. When people move into the seasonal sites, she charges the people extra money of there is a deck or concrete pad. Don’t get the site with the nice deck and shed. That is the one we had with no power. I would never recommend this RV Park to anyone. When we moved in six years ago we had high hopes for it and we were told so many things were going to be improved, however nothing was done. When there was the flood due to high rains, the water to the campers was infected with sewage water. Everything was backed up and well water for people to use was bad.

| Prison Camp

By user-4900066... on 2019-08-09.

Traveled all over the U.S, stayed at tons of campgrounds. This is by far the worst. Stay clear! Dont even bother to stay at a campground in IL. By experience they are all slum lords. You can not have a temporary Gazebo, you can not have a temporary fence for your dog. There is a leash law, but they dont follow it. Expect loose dogs coming in your area to take a cramp. The owner of the dogs will not clean it up. They do not allow you to have a inclosed patio coming off your awning. The water stinks, it turns everything brown, your sinks. Shower..ect..It floods, the lake and ponds are stagnant, The road coming in is pot holes. You are lucky if you get your deposit back. Laundry room, well your close will be dirtier than you started with, no matter how much soap, bleach you put in, they do not come clean, people at the office are rude, they do not care. They will tell you one thing to your face, then call you after you were just there talking to them, and tell you the opposite. They say they are Good Sam. My opinion Good Sam needs to come out and take their name off of this place.0 stars..I have to rate this place for it to go through I give it 1 star for being the worst

| Horrible park

By user-unknown on 2019-08-09.

We had to be in the area for 2 months and when we came they were the only park open in the area and with a reasonable rate. They gave us the rules which we followed. Went to office several times during our stay to ask for our electric bill, told not yet keep checking back. Told them we were leaving a week b4 leaving, then again told them three days b4 leaving. Then the day we were leaving gave them 2 hrs notice. Went to ask for our deposit we were told they'd have to mail it once they read the meter. I said no, we would not leave without my deposit. Had to wait over an hour for the owner to cut a check. They had lots of rain so like all other reviews there was standing water everywhere. Roads are still in horrible conditions. No free cable and horrible wifi. Rates are way to high for this slum lord park.

| Would stay again

By user-6735415... on 2019-08-09.

We were also a last minute reservation. To attend a wedding. The office staff were very helpful and easy to work with. When we got to our site there was a lot of water on the site. They offered to move us but we opted to stay there and it was fine. The restrooms are excellent and up to date. Would definitely stay again. We were there for four days.