Reviews for Lilac Oaks Campground

| Such a waste

By user-5436129... on 2017-10-23.

This campground has so much potential to be great, but is far from it. It has new owners since April, 2015 that have made some improvements, but I do not believe have any intentions of doing enough. It is mainly a long term residence facility, with over 40 full time resident spots. They are taking kids to school, walking kids to bus stop and going off to work starting at about 6:00 am each morning. (very loudly, I might add). VERY LOUD mariachi music played from 6:00 am until about 11:00 pm. Sites are very unlevel, neighbor had wheels off the ground trying to get level. Some tent sites are on the side of hills. There is no cable or ability to pick up channels via antenna. I believe management is more concerned about making this a low rent trailer part than the beautiful campground that it could be. It has beautiful trees, beautiful lakes, a nice pool and big showers. Unfortunately, unless you camped here in the 70s, you have missed its campground life. Now all you see is a housing project in a run down, dusty, dirty country setting. I had a pull thru site that you could not pull thru without dragging the bottom out of your motorhome. I will not return, unless asked to be a witness to a crime that I am sure happened while I was there. Intended to stay a week, all I could stomach was 2 days.