Reviews for Merry Meadows Recreation Farm, LLC

| Call me when there are new owners

By user-5839043... on 2018-06-27. Stayed 2017-07-28 to 2017-08-02

Have you ever, for some perverse reason, wanted to experience a prisoner of war camp? You know, tons of pointless rules and rude guards who delight in enforcing all the pointless rules just to annoy you. Boy have we got a campground for you. Merry Meadows Campground in Freeland, MD. We arrived late Fri. afternoon in the rain. We checked in, paid our fee along with a $10 deposit for a gate key. We mentioned that our daughter was coming over to bring us dinner. Oops, $5 charge for a visitor. She’s bringing her husband? Now $10, plus a $20 visitor deposit for the gate card. We could understand a charge if they were coming for the day and using the facilities, but to bring dinner on a rainy night? Also gate key is required to enter and LEAVE the campground. Will we be shot if attempting an escape over the fence? Pool is open from noon to 8PM daily. When we tried to enter through the snack bar at 6PM on Sunday, there was a sign that the snack bar had closed at 4PM and the other gate was locked. We got the attention of the lifeguard closing up and she said that because there hadn’t been anyone there for a half hour, Lois (the owner) said to close early. We pointed to the sign with the noon to 8 hours and after checking with Lois she did reopen. Other people arrived shortly after. To access the pool, we’re back to the POW camp. You have to show your receipt every time and every person must be listed on the receipt to make sure you didn’t sneak Uncle Fred in under the beach towel. The chaise lounges are not to be moved. To enforce this, they are bolted down to the concrete. Tables are to be used for eating food purchased from the snack bar only. They are about 20 miles south of York, PA where there is a Harley Davidson plant with factory tours. But no motorcycles are allowed beyond the front gate. It must be fun to schlep all your gear from the front gate to your site. A dress code? No offensive t-shirts allowed. Who makes the decision as to what is offensive. Liberal political statements, conservative? Hunting slogans, PETA supporters? Beer drinkers vs wine? 30 cable channels, but half were such poor video that they were unwatchable. We mentioned it to the desk and the next day they replaced a connection and tested the signal and said it was “fine”. Their definition of fine is different from mine. No improvement. The wi-fi was typical for campgrounds. Not great, but usable. Activities for kids are on the weekends only and there is a charge for virtually everything. It’s actually a very nice venue. But there is a reason why it is about 40% vacant at the height of the season. After 40 years, the original owner sold out to his daughter in 2010. I wish we had visited when the original owner was still in charge. It would be interesting to see how it has changed in the last 7 years.

| Halloween weekend

By user-5806620... on 2018-06-27. Stayed 2014-10-25 to 2014-10-28

Stayed for three nights. Very clean campground with excellent sites.

By user-6616147... on 2018-07-06.

We’ve stayed twice now with our four children, once for two nights, the other for a full week. I read the review comparing this campground to a POW camp and can hardly believe we stayed at the same place! It’s no Yogi Bear Jellystone resort with free activities galore all week long, but it’s also nearly half the price! What will have us coming back again and again is the general atmosphere. Spots are huge and super wooded (ask for the Chipmunk area!), guests have all been lovely and respectful and the staff very kind. There’s also a great playground for little ones. Basketball court, tennis courts, volleyball area, baseball field...This is the sort of place you stay to get away from crowded cities and just enjoy being outside with your family. We’ll definitely be back! Helpful note: if you area super late they have parking with hookups up front.

| Nice Stay, sites are nice

By user-4573835... on 2019-08-09. Stayed 2018-08-25 to 2018-08-28

Enjoyed our stay but think the price is a bit high. We paid $52 and that was with Good Sam discount. That wouldn t be an unreasonable price but for the fact that you must pay additional for almost all of their many amenities and activities. Thank goodness we don t have kids co that would have really added up. Sites are large with nice grassy area, table and fire pit. Some are shaded and some not, some gravel and some paved. Staff is pleasant. WiFi worked great and about 30 cable channels. Worked out as a great place to explore hubby s home town of Bel Air and then Baltimore Harbor.

| Speeding, Under staffed & Expensive

By user-5873084... on 2019-08-09. Stayed 2019-07-05 to 2019-07-08

Nice park. But the advertised amenities never seemed to be staffed. In addition, most of those activities had an additional cost. My biggest issue was the speed most campers drove through the park. We were at a 4 way intersection that had no stop signs. As you might imagine most vehicles did not stop but continued at their above 5 mph posted speed limit. There were a few speed bumps. However due to poor design they were not at all effective.