Reviews for Pecan Valley RV Park

| RV Park for OSU Students - TinyHouses Welcome

By user-5783571... on 2017-10-23. Stayed 2016-07-01 to 2017-07-01

Parents of OSU students - This RV Park caters to OSU students. Eddie the Park owner/host lives with his family on the park, and patrols the property constantly. This is the absolute best place for placing a Tiny House or RV for your student(s) attending OSU. Save yourself and your children money by renting a spot here. Tiny House friendly, Eddie loves the Tiny House movement, and welcomes them in the park. Even if you have an RV, you can still park there for affordable student living. It is kept clean/mowed and loud party's are not allowed. You can rest assured your student will have a safe environment to live and study. One way in/out of the park that is monitored for the park occupant safety and security. Parents you can easily sleep at night, as there is a storm shelter as well in the event of a tornado, etc.

| Over nighters

By user-5301811... on 2018-07-06. Stayed 2018-06-24 to 2018-06-25

We stayed over night and that's was all we needed. First the owner was very nice, second they only take cash for over nighters which is ok he had change. Now the bad thing is the park was muddy, the RV's around us were full timers and trashy. I could only get my RV out by backing up in my pull through then going around trees to circle out. I have been in better parks at $20 not what you expect for $35 a night