Reviews for Rendezvous At South Fork

| Did get what they promised

By user-5836848... on 2017-10-23.

Ad reads shaded spaces lot of room. Yes there is in spots 1-6. If you get 7 all gravel, no shade , no grass, add not water until they ran 100 ft of garden hose (yum). Very unlevel and free coffee in the morning if you catch it when the locals have not stopped by to drink it all with owners. Pass on every staying here again.

| Not the best

By user-5252686... on 2017-10-23.

July, 2016 in 40' rv. Non refundable reservation should have tipped me off. Negs (-): Branches not trimmed, scratched my $300k mh. Water is out so theyve run water hoses across entry road. You hook up to hose. Mgr promised site to get tv stations w/our Dish. No way. All trees too high all way around & on every site. Junk everywhere. Property not kept up. Stone pads. Pos's (+): much shade; cost $29.50. Quick access to all area sites. Wifi good.