Reviews for RV Outdoor Adventures

| Zero Stars

By user-5415684... on 2017-10-23.

It's a zero star for me and we've never set foot on the premises yet. If this is how the new owners do business, fellow RV'ers beware . We called to reserve a spot for the month of July. We were told they couldn't reserve a spot unless we paid in full non refundable. We needed a 50 amp, could live with a 30. She said she had none available but we could stay in a 20 and that there was a possibility we could move after the first month.We would be there for up to 4-5 months for work in the area. She knew we were a bit under the gun because there are very few parks in the area, it's a big job, and summer season. Repeated calls were made with her and she sound more scattered and erratic with each one. On the second call she wanted to emphasize that she could not guarantee a 50 amp spot and that the $525 she already charged us was non refundable. And that our rent would again be due July 11. That's when I knew something was wrong. She said basically we had to start paying rent on the day we made the call and payment June 12, even though we would not be staying there in June. The only way to secure a spot in Huly was to pay rent in June. She called several more times and I finally asked her to communicate via email . I asked for a receipt for the payment we made and she never provided one. I then decided if we were paying that much for rent in June we might as well go up early and relax before the job started in July. She immediately called me a few hours after I sent that email and told me we didn't have an actual site yet as her husband was doing improvements and we would have to stay in thief upper parking lot and dry camp with no services. I emailed her that we would be looking for another place to stay. She called again saying that she understood but that I needed to give a 2 week notice or we'd be charged for July. For a place I've never even seen, for a spot she made us pay for for a month she knew we'd not be using. While I understand a deposit, even a prepaid months worth, with a certain amount of days to cancel with a penalty fee, making someone pay a moth for something they can't use to secure a reservation for the next month is bad business, fraudulent, and felt like being blackmailed. I emailed her asking for her to return all or at best most of our payment and to do the right thing. She's not responded. Steer clear.

| Too old

By user-unknown on 2019-08-09.

If an RV is too old, they will not accept you onto the park.