Reviews for S & H Campground

| Keep on driving

By user-4788897... on 2017-10-23. Stayed 2017-06-16 to 2017-06-18

I like to pride myself on giving honest reviews and not letting one small unpleasant employee or dirty bathroom ruin a review for a campground. With that said I only have a few pleasant things to say about S&H campground. I would recommend looking somewhere else to camp. For out of state visitors, please don't think all campgrounds in Indiana look or act like S&H. We have nice campgrounds, just not this one. List of pros & cons: Pros: 1) females in the office were pleasant & friendly. 2) female working the activity center was extremely friendly to my kids. 3) inflatable movie screen & showing movies outside was nice 4) park has bounce house inflatables, although this comes up again in the con's. Con's: 1) park is in extremely poor condition. Lots of permanent residence, which is fine but when they don't take care of their property or leave it abandoned looking....then it's an issue. Lots of trash by permanent sites. Try poor looking areas of the campground. 2) sites are extremely close together. 3) water lines are sporadic & you may or may not get one that works. The campsite next to us had to drag his hose through two campsites just to find a usable water line. 4) roads are very narrow with lots of potholes. 5) any amount of rain and the roads & grounds are extremely muddy. 6) bathrooms in poor condition & little to no ventilation. 7) very expensive for what you receive. I don't mind paying more for high quality but $50 a night for a 15x20 grassy area is crazy. 8) they Nickel & dime you to death. They have a small putt putt area (small is the key word). They charge $2 per person to play. The inflatables at the Family Fun Zone (aka - open field with inflatables) is an additional cost & not worth it. Plus it's only open a few hours a day. 9) the "lake/pond" on the property is scary & a mosquito haven. 10) on the map/rules it states that trash is picked up after 8am daily if you leave your trash at the "curb" of your campsite. Our trash sat out all day at the curb while we were gone to ball games, it was never picked up. 11) only one location for dumpsters. They need more dumpsters in the upper section. It states there are dumpsters on the map but they are nowhere to be found. 12) the pool is crumbling apart around the edges. Lots of "stubbing toes" areas around the pool. 13) the restrooms aren't close to the pool area at all. Makes no sense in case someone has to use the restrooms while swimming. 14) they describe themselves as a family fun park but I was nervous to let my kids go anywhere unattended based on the condition of the park. I realize you can't control the actions/looks of your clientele but you can enforce the guidelines/rules you have posted.

| Pot Holes

By user-5141618... on 2017-10-23.

Pot holes held together with a little dirt. I have nothing to add to the previous posts, they are spot on. Staff was friendly and that is about it. The road leading up to our campsite was one big rut, the site was a huge mud puddle. Tons of gravel would help a lot

| Never again!

By user-6232997... on 2017-10-23.

Don't stay here! They quoted one price over the phone and then wouldn't honor it 2 hours later even after speaking to the manager. It's a dump. Rude employee! Can I rate it zero stars?


By user-5844829... on 2017-10-23.

We are now at S&H Campground in Greenfield, Indiana. What a DUMP...I warn you, do not come here. It's a Good Sams park that does not live up to their standards by any means. After my GS discount, it still cost me $43 for one night, because there's no way I would stay here for two nights. Beware. The lady at check-in was very nice and friendly. That's where it all stops. Surprised I don't hear banjo music.

| Stayed 1night & that was too long

By user-5294738... on 2017-10-23.

Arrived just as park attendant was leaving for night told us to park over in area where pull thur were. That part was fine since it was 7:00 pm maybe that's late but they did have our phone number just saying could of called to give us heads up they'd be leaving. Anyway with our 30' motorhome & car in tow we had to keep going from site to site to find hookup that worked with electricity. Believe me no fun!! You can't back up & had to dodge trees very low hanging electric lines. In addition the picnic tables(which are miniature tables) & sewer holes were also had to be maneuvered around. Finally found one by using a hair dryer & going from pole to pole. So far this wasn't too much fun. Didn't do showers since husband went up there & said they were scary. I'd had enough fun for one night just stayed in motorhome. Advertised wifi but I never picked up a signal. If this sounds like fun you will love it there.

| Don't stay here!!!

By user-5833009... on 2017-10-23. Stayed 2016-04-04 to 2016-04-05

The place is a dump. Lots of trailers/campers that look abandoned. The staff was not well informed.

| Horrible people, stay away!

By user-unknown on 2019-08-09.

We were lied to from the beginning. We reserved a full hookup site and paid for a month in advance to reserve it. My husband is a medical traveler so we asked about refunds if things changed. We were advised that would not be a problem. We get there and they did not have full hookups. Strike one. Then they said they would pump out our tanks if needed since we didn t have sewer like planned. We asked for them to be pumped out at 8 AM. We were assured it would be done. When we returned at 3 they had not been. Strike 2. Unfortunately when we were out that day we found out his contract was canceled so he went in to talk with management and the owner came in and stated there would be no refund. When my husband stated that he was assured that they promised a refund if anything changed. The owner began screaming at him and belittling him. To the point it could be heard outside. Strike 3. We would never stay at this park, or recommend anyone to stay here.

By user-unknown on 2019-08-09.

I would not recommend this place!!!! When it rains you re going to need waders to get out of your front door.