Reviews for Sacramento Shade RV Park

| Horrible manager

By user-5834031... on 2017-10-23.

Terrible customer service. He yelled at us. Will never stay here again. Treated very rudely.

| Great Park in Sacramento

By user-5808254... on 2017-10-23.

Sacramento Shade RV Park is an older park with upgrades. Like many other older RV parks, it started out as a mobile home park (only three remain). Each RV site offers 50 amp service, free cable, and WiFi. There are security cameras throughout the park. Most sites have privacy fences around them. Beautiful pool! Bathrooms and laundry room are locked up at night. We have been in the park now for a few months and feel very comfortable. The people are friendly and management is helpful. If you're passing through, or looking for a long-term stay in Sacramento, I highly recommend Sacramento Shade. It's close to shopping, Trader Joe's, I-80, Lake Tahoe, Napa Valley, and so much more! The center road is narrow making it a bit of a challenge to park your rig, but it can be done! The other roads are wider and pretty easy to maneuver through. There are no pull through sites, however they do keep three spots in the front for overnight big rig parking.

| two faced malicious management, harboring drug users and sales

By anonymous-user on 2017-10-23. Stayed 2012-10-10 to 2014-07-19

As a former employee the managers John and Linda are in my opinion irresponsible in their duties. As they retaliate to health and safety complaints about drug use, by terminating their supposedly great employee without his final check for three days. As a tenant, the park is very nice, yet complaints about park maintenance, habitual drug use, and obnoxious tenants go disregarded and ignored. Then they retaliate upon the tenant making complaints by giving them a 7day notice for frivolous opinionated and insignificant items, that are clearly over looked when it comes to the other tenants. The bathrooms are only cleaned 2 maybe 3 times a week if your lucky, well except for previously on the weekends when I was employed. Thus the showers have grime all over them, the handles are often unsanitary, and the floors are disgusting. Also keep your kids away from the chipping paint, on the exterior of the building and especially in back by the dog walk, as lead based there are loose flakes everywhere, the paint is old and lead based, and the entire area is really a health risk to children. As is the park after dark due to druggies and tweekers walking around with alcohol, taking late night showers, and generally being a nuisance to the decent residents. Thus in reality, the management are two faced irresponsible individuals who neglect their management responsibilities by harboring criminal activity and maliciously attacking the tenants who complain. After notifying the owner of the situation he decided to take a vacation out of town. This showing his lack of concern and understanding for what mobile home and RV tenants have to go through when the management neglects their duties, and plays bias favoritism towards the guests My advise to you travelers considering staying here, don't go out after dark, don't walk out of the park after dark, lock all your items because there's tweekers about, and don't trust the management staff. ~However, the weekend guy Ron is ok..

| Wow

By user-5907467... on 2018-05-17.

Check out the Yelp reviews. Everything written there is true, especially the part about the aggressive manager. Extremely narrow streets. Had to ask 3 people to move their vehicles to get out. Would not go back.

| Good location and squared away

By user-4848859... on 2018-07-06.

In Sacramento for a couple days on work in the downtown area. The manager runs a tight ship and it pays off in how well taken care of was the grounds. He was very accommodating and responsive to our needs. There were what appeared to be some long term full timers (and about two old school single wides), but everything looked nice and people were very nice. Streets are tight, but we were able to maneuver a 40 MH with an 18 Ft. tow car to our site in the back corner. I didn’t see any pull throughs...just FYI. Go check it out if you’re in town. Good place to spend a couple days.

| Privacy and sense of yard

By user-4848859... on 2018-07-06.

I meant to include this in my earlier review...we really enjoyed the sense of privacy and yard you get here. Almost all sites had a dedicated and private yard, including well kept grass. Oh, and there are some real nice shade trees all around.