Reviews for San Onofre Beach (Military)

| Reservation

By user-5791465... on 2017-10-23.

Be sure to call early for a reservation. The lower sites are not currently open. The storms in fall of 2015 took a lot of the beach and the road. Only a limited number of upper sites are available.

| Best camping views

By user-5823528... on 2017-10-23. Stayed 2015-03-28 to 2015-04-02

This place had a great front row of the ocean and the surfing was on point. Not the best place for laying on the beach or swimming, the rocks and coral tear up some feet

| Great place to vacation

By user-6406774... on 2017-10-23. Stayed 2015-06-06 to 2015-06-10

The atmosphere is great. The young folks that visit are well behaved (military). Many surfers to watch. The PX, gas station, and commissary are very close by. The entrance to the base is tight but manageable. If you're not familiar with the base you might miss the entrance. The sites are very close and there are low hanging wires in the middle of the road, in the campground, which might be a problem for high rigs. The spaces are deep enough for a 40'-45' rig but if you have a fifth wheel you'll have to park you truck elsewhere. The weather is mild so if you come from a hot climate bring cold weather gear.

| Where Is It?

By user-6306791... on 2017-10-23.

Unfair for me to rate this place because I ever found it. Love this app, but first time I used the map/directions feature it but me into the gate for the San Onofre nuclear power plant!

| Eceptional

By user-5676241... on 2017-10-23.

Wow what a great place don't tell anyone about it

| San O

By user-unknown on 2019-08-09.

Great locale, epic sunsets, laid back environment, top notch staff.