Reviews for Sea Breeze RV Park

| Nice Crowded Place

By user-6005856... on 2017-10-23.

Price has increased! Now $45 per night with 10% off for Good Sam ($41.50). $220 per week.

| Great Place!

By user-5779036... on 2017-10-23.

This was a wonderful place to stay. The staff were ridiculously friendly and accommodating! My husband fell in love with the pier and caught a good 20 fish. Yes they were small and we threw them all back but he was very happy with it. The laundry room was clean and tidy and the landscaping was well kept. The pull thru was our only issue. It was plenty of space for the rig but our vehicles didn't fit. We ended up parking sideways on the grass which the staff had no problem with what so ever. The entire visit was fabulous. We even ended up extended another day which they arranged perfectly. My parents live on Padre Island so we will definitely be back.

| Nice!

By user-5801004... on 2017-10-23. Stayed 2016-03-06 to 2016-03-07

Nice and quiet. The neighborhood entering the park was a little iffy, but it's very safe in the park itself. Friendly staff, clean bathrooms, and nice views. Seems to have a lot of long timers and seasonal guests. We stayed one night while passing through Corpus Christi. Great for the price.

| Great park, office has lack of communication

By user-4782788... on 2017-10-23. Stayed 2017-05-05 to 2017-05-07

The park itself was awesome, and the people were very nice. However, the office was not very good. I'm not sure if it was someone new, or what happened. But, I'm a musician who had a showcase show in town for a radio station on Saturday, and after reading great reviews on this park, I decided to take the whole weekend off for a working vacation of sorts. When we called to reserve, we informed them we need a lot of space to move around equipment & easily accessible so we don't wake every one up late, but would like to be close to the water for fishing. The spot we were given was perfect! Plenty of room, and right on the main driveway, but could walk to the pier. The other great point was that we asked about check out & if it was flexible since we're a special circumstance. We were told that check out was at noon, but he didn't see any problem with us sticking around until 2 so we could fish & hang out a bit today (Sunday) since it'd be a late night Saturday. Here's where it went haywire...we got there a couple of minutes after the office closed Friday, and had to check in Saturday morning. Were all settled in to the spot that we were told we were given when we reserved, Saturday around lunch time, when leaving the park to go to a lunch meeting we checked in & were informed that we needed to move because they decided they wanted us to have another spot & another rv would take ours. Then after stating we'd been there for 18 hours, very settled in, reserved that specific spot, etc. they "accidentally" tried to charge us more than we were told when we initially reserved, and a price higher than was listed on ANY of their website, paperwork, etc. THEN, was "accidentally" charged it! They refunded it, but seriously? Doesn't sound like much of an accident. This morning, after the check in debacle yesterday, we woke up around 11 & got ready to go fish off the pier some. I told my husband to call and just remind them we were checking out a little late out of courtesy & in case there were any other communication issues at the office. We were informed that no, we have to be out no matter what by 12 or there will be additional charges. He explained when we booked they told us it was fine to stay late since we had special circumstances. They shot it down in a sorry-not-sorry kind of way. So we had to rush pack, throw everything loosely into the garage/my truck and jet out of there to the closest Walmart so we can re pack & get things situated for the drive back to our home base. It's extremely disappointing that a lack of communication in their office caused us issues not once, but twice. I'm a musician and have thousands of followers that I was harping to how great this park was on Friday, and now I'm eating my words. I also hold write a travel blog & articles & am disappointed because I had already started writing & taking photographs for positive reviews. I'm indecisive on it, because I don't want to judge based on one bad try here. So, I'll probably give this park one more chance in a few weeks when I come back to town. But, as of right now, if I have the same experience again, I won't be back. Which is unfortunate for such a great park environment!

| Thieves

By user-5289480... on 2019-08-09. Stayed 2018-09-27 to 2018-10-27

PSA stay away from Sea Breeze RV Resort in Portland Tx! I had 6 packages totaling $574.87 delivered to the office and not ONE of them made it to my mailbox even though staff saw them! The manager is not helping to make this right but now I understand why! She was fired for stealing from here before but once her replacement quit they hired her back! Poor management with a theft problem! I did file a police report and will file an investigation with the post master but I'm posting in hopes that this doesn't happen to someone else.

| Nice park

By user-5581638... on 2019-08-09.

We stayed for 3 days. Friendly staff. Very well kept park and everything was as advertised. Had a pull thru just feet from the bay. Quiet, peaceful and relaxing. Pool was nice. Conveniently located to all attractions in the Corpus Christi area. Wi-Fi was spotty, but really not a big deal to me.