Reviews for Seattle / Tacoma KOA

| Deserves one more star

By user-4856751... on 2017-10-23.

Reading the previous comments, I was going to this camping with very low expectations. I was surprised to discover that the washrooms have certainly been renovated and were in excellent condition. The gardens were beautiful, I even observed a hummingbird ! Very conveniently located, with possibility to take the bus across the street, to connect to the light train at the airport and get to downtown Seattle in less than an hour. However, the sites remain very small ( especially for big rigs), the internet is not extra, and the street noise is very loud late at night and early in the morning. Still worth considering to visit Seattle.

| Go to Walmart parking lot

By anonymous-user on 2017-10-23. Stayed 2016-07-07 to 2016-07-10

This is the worst KOA ever, sites are to small, front desk staff lippy and unhelpful. You can do better at a Walmart Parking lot, at least they'll welcome you when you go to the store. I still cannot believe KOA franchised this dump. KOA VALUE CARDS MEAN NOTHING TO THESE PEOPLE. Of course they make their money from the permanent residents. The gutless manager wouldn't even talk to us. Small sites, over prices, bathrooms are a nightmare, it's obvious no money is put back into this place. Most people are happiest when leave this cesspool. Oh yes did I mention the drug busts in the rv park? Sad but true. Quite a few accidents trying to get in and out of sites. Just a bad situation.

| TravelRN

By user-5337216... on 2017-10-23.

The absolute worst campground I have ever encountered. Sites are super tight, uneven and tiny. We were given a larger site and our rig alone reached end to end, not even including our truck. Add to that the multiple run down permanent rigs. Then the "playground" was a marsh and could not be enjoyed at all. I am shocked this place can still be seen as a koa.

| Worst KOA Ever!

By user-6288274... on 2017-10-23.

We had made reservations for two nights, paid in advance as always required. When we arrived we found the sites so small that there was no way to sit outside, and the neighbor's slide was just a few feet from ours. Had to park the car across the parking lot; no space for it by the RV. To make matters worse, it was very hot weather and the park's power just wasn't up to it. All they could give us was 30 amp (for $65 a night!!!) and when we tried to run just one AC it kept tripping the park's power. It was basically a brown-out from inadequate wiring in this very old facility - not upgraded. Badly outdated. Then, the cable didn't work. When I went to the office to ask about the cable, the reaction was, "Oh, that must be one of the site where the cable doesn't work." DUH! With no power to run the AC, generator not allowed, and weather close to 100, we told them we could not stay and asked for a refund. Their first response was that KOA doesn't offer refunds, but when I reminded them that without even basic 30 amp power working, and no cable, THEY were already violating the terms of stay, they finally relented and refunded our paid two days. This is an example of typical KOA arrogance. Pay them top dollar and get minimal, old facilities, often with rude staff. Avoid this park like the plague!

By user-4584035... on 2017-10-23.

Left side of the park is awful. Sites are very small, no place to park your vehicle. There were dirty RVs that were long term, people were sleeping in their cars in one spot. There is a major road about 100 feet away, loud truck noises all night. You can even feel the vibrations from the trucks. Wifi does not work well. Cable channels have a humming noise. For the price this is the worst KOA that we have stayed at. Bathroom was nice and it is close to Seattle, but that is about it. Will not stay here again

| Worst KOA ever

By anonymous-user on 2017-10-23. Stayed 2015-10-18 to 2015-10-20

At check in we had to wait for someone to come help the new employee get her soda and candy with her employee discount. I understand what it's like to try to use a new computer system, but this new employee should not have been left on her own. Our site was so small that the person in the next site over had to park his pickup practically underneath our slide out and on the other side we would have had to step over the next rig's sewer hose to get to our picnic table. Lots of long term, dirty, junky looking rigs near us and the constant highway noise made sleeping difficult. We were charged the dog fee for our two cats. We asked to have that charge deleted because our cats stay in the RV at all times. They told us we should have lied about having pets if we didn't want them to charge extra for them. Will not stay here again.


By user-5802746... on 2017-10-23.

Just got into Tacoma for a three month assignment. We always grab the local KOA until we get the lay of the land. Usually, even if we don't love it, the KOA is a safe place to start. This "campground" is awful. Small sites, mud everywhere, perma-trailers with flat tires and creepy residents staring at us all the time. Lock all your doors and compartments and carry a firearm at ALL times. We can usually tolerate sketchy situations for a time but the first chance we get we're out of this s***hole. I don't care if they won't give us a refund.

By anonymous-user on 2017-10-23.

Worst park we ever stayed at. Run away as fast as you can

| Ugh Cramped, noisy, but a places to park

By user-4597836... on 2017-10-23.

Kid friendly park but same area is overflow for tent camping. Not good atmosphere for children because of legal smokers!!!!! Because there are few parks be advised that big rigs have problems parking. Tight, tight, and tighter spaces. Nightly movies are good but loud! Cable is bad, my rig picked up 27 channels including PBS. Not a safe place for kids.

| 8 mile feeling

By user-5782961... on 2017-10-23.

Very bad campground :/:(

| Good but crowded

By user-5916979... on 2017-10-23.

We stayed here on 4th of july night, with our RV. The place was completely full, and the place has very limited number of restroom for its size and th e fact that it has also tents locations and not only RVs. Overall, when full, the place seems crowded. The staff was certainly helping and doing his best, and the place was clean and well kept.

By user-5782961... on 2017-10-23.

Not even my dog would here I let you sleep

By user-5802022... on 2017-10-23.

This is a very nice park that is about as convenient to the Seattle area coming from the South. The Everett area can be closer if you want to stop on the North side. We stayed here about a year ago as I needed to fly out of Sea-Tac and this park is about 5-8 minutes away from the arrival / departure areas. Very convenient. We returned and were able to request a site that was not under the trees to ensure good satellite TV reception. There are lots of trees which can be great during the Summer. One end of the park has very open back in sites which work perfectly for us. As with most KOA's this park has many family friendly options and facilities to meet most any need. Very nice folks and they were very accommodating on this trip when we needed to extend out stay an extra day.

| Good Home base..but not camp spot.

By user-6616841... on 2017-10-23.

The best part of this park is that it is convenient if you want to do some sight seeing in Seattle. The spots are very crowded and short for a 40 ft rig not to mention the car you tow. We had a bit of a more layed back staff, they said to us..just park on the grass or however make everything fit. If you are looking to hang around the campground..then this is not the spot but if you need a place to hook up and home base is OK.

| Attitude of staff is the big downfall of this KOA

By user-4731739... on 2017-10-23. Stayed 2014-07-02 to 2014-07-06

This is an older park. The spaces are short and narrow so not the best choice for big rigs. Also, there are mosquitos that come from a small bog or swamp adjacent to the campground. KOAs are pretty much known for being higher priced for a pretty average campground. With KOA you pay for EVERY extra. All of this could be overlooked and the KOA experience could be quite a bit better if they could do a little bit of “charm school” training with the staff at this particular campground. The person who checked us in was quick to tell us (scold us) that they weren’t aware that we had a vehicle in tow (I had entered it into my reservation on the KOA phone app) and that I would have to park my car sideways in front of my motorhome and make sure it was out of the road. I knew that already and didn’t need to be treated like a child! As a sidenote, the check in lady also informed me that the "comment" section in the app doesn't get looked at and if I want them to act on anything I should call, not use the KOA app on my phone (what is the purpose of your phone app?). When I mentioned that we would like to go to church on Sunday and wondered if we could leave a few minutes late she said “No, we don’t have any way to handle late departures… you need to be out at 11”. Since when did KOA pass up a chance to make a few dollars and charge, say, $10 for a late check out or? Really, this is all about attitude… I know all KOAs aren’t the same, but I won’t ever come back here again. I am pretty forgiving about different levels of service and facilities at the various campgrounds. But people can’t be treated like we are beggars… we are your customers and without us you cannot succeed. Use this KOA if you feel lucky…there are other more economical alternatives nearby where you won’t be belittled. (Note: Some of the staff working the grounds were very professional... for the life of me I don't know why any company would put their least personable staff at the first point of contact) The good: *Near to much of Seattle, Tacoma, Bellevue *Easy to access from major highway *Pool, laundry, kids activities *In the KOA network The bad: *Price is higher than other local campgrounds *Smaller, narrow sites *Mosquitos *Miserably slow WiFi connection *Attitude of staff For the record, I don't usually write bad reviews...This place deserves the 2 star rating.

| Base camp

By user-6636917... on 2017-10-23. Stayed 2015-07-28 to 2015-08-01

After reading the other reviews we got what we expected. Pull through that I barely fit my 40 ft motorhome in. Allowed us to park our car on the grass but only because they haven't seeded yet. We paid for a 50amp space and didn't have any problems. Staff were great at the desk but don't expect much else. Great to access Seattle and Mt Ranier is 1.5 hrs away. Good dog park and we liked the outside movie and giant chess set.

| Bottom of the barrel.

By user-5831437... on 2018-05-17. Stayed 2018-04-04 to 2018-04-05

Worst KOA I have ever stayed at. $58 got us a tight, short muddy site. Did not tryout or even look at any of the facilities. Looked like a lot of full timers in broken down rigs. We took our chances driving up to see if space was available They never got around to returning my call. 2 stars because everyone else was booked & all the Walmart’s said no over night parking.

| Zeer slecht

By user-5906149... on 2018-05-17.

| A great place to stay!

By anonymous-user on 2018-05-17.

5.0 star rating I have stayed at a few other RV sites in the past, but I must say the Seattle/Kent KOA is by far the best. The facilities are clean and the staff is friendly. I have had no issues at all and the other fellow RV'rs and campers have been both helpful and polite. The grounds are kept up even with the wet weather and trees shedding their leaves. There is a dog walk area, playground area and everything is kept up nicely. Good job!!

| Super tight

By user-5666743... on 2018-05-17. Stayed 2018-04-19 to 2018-04-20

First dent on our camper! Manager was guiding our back end where we hit the fence where he was standing silently. Tight spots, muddy. Cried, slept, left. 2 stars instead of 1 only because staff was really nice although apparently blind.

| Very cramped spaces & noisy!

By user-5792436... on 2018-07-06. Stayed 2018-07-02 to 2018-07-05

Very disappointed in this KOA. Spaces are ridiculously cramped. Eight feet between each space. Not long or wide enough to even park your vehicle next to your camper. You have to park truck at office. Road noise is horrific as the highway is next to busy intersection where you hear vehicles, especially trucks, running through gears as they accelerate away. Thought KOA had higher standards.

| Didn't call back

By user-4821248... on 2019-08-09.

Called to make a reservation during their business hours for the next day. Left a message from them to call back but they never did.

By user-4509862... on 2019-08-09. Stayed 2018-11-01 to 2018-11-03

Clean but cluttered, very narrow sites and roadways, a little nerve racking getting in and out. 25 minutes from downtown Seattle and 2 miles from groceries, suites our needs for a short stay but be careful with your large rigs

| Hung up on us

By user-6305088... on 2019-08-09.

Called to make a reservation and they said they were fully booked but on the website, it said they had 3 spots open. When we shared that the website would let us book the lady hung up on us. So I definitely would find some where else. No reason to risk staying at a place ran by ignorant people.

| Koa Kent wa

By user-6394116... on 2019-08-09.

Worst park I have stayed at in 30 years.. rude expensive- park reminds me of a slum away stay at a Wallmart.. restrooms were old and dirty..they stay alive for only one reason- location..not alone, other rv owners were mostly in disbelief at this park.. if your looking for a nice clean park- this certainly ain t it folks... hope this helps!!!

| Kent wa koa

By user-6394116... on 2019-08-09.

Well Koa , you did it for me- this koa and whoever rates them will keep me out of all Koa rv parks in the future!! A true slum lord park

| Very very tight

By user-4650280... on 2019-08-09.

The KOA staff are hard workers trying desperately to maintain a campground that is way past its prime and is in need of major renovation. The sites are extremely close with poor hookups. The streets are falling into pathways with major pot holes. The KOA is not representing the franchise well as other campers have said. Seriously reconsider your decision to stay here unless absolutely necessary.

| A terrible campground

By user-5406187... on 2019-08-09.

We travelled a month through 3 different states, but this was the worst experience ever!! The campground is not KOA worthy. It s the only campground near Seattle so they don t need to be friendly to their customers. We made a reservation five days in advance but we have got the worst spot. a lot of noise. What you have got , is what you have got I ll hope they soon have more competition so they will clean their restrooms and will be more friendly.

| Not for Big Rigs

By user-5299268... on 2019-08-09. Stayed 2019-08-03 to 2019-08-04

This is the worst KOA we have ever stayed at. The only thing I can say is this is a dump . By the looks of it this is a very old KOA . The entrance is somewhat narrow. The sites are extremely tight, and junk RV s decorate the front entrance where you are suppose to register. This IS NOT a park for big rigs. We have a 44' class A and could barely make it through the streets and into our spot. We could not put our awnings out as the site we were assigned was to narrow. Thank goodness I only wasted one day here. Bottom line, we will not come back to this park. On the positive side, the manager who checked us in was very nice and friendly.