Reviews for Tidewater Campground

| Nice looking place with Gravel roads

By user-5580089... on 2018-06-27.

We stop by while in the area on a recent trip was greeted with not a very friendly person at the front desk. We asked if we could look around and get a map and they were somewhat suspicious sounding of what our intentions were and my wife relayed that we were RV owners and we were looking at coming back to the area in the future and was just out looking at different places in the area to park. Finally we were given a map of the area and allowed to walk around we couldn't drive around we had to walk around which we did for a little bit. The area is very shady and the spots are quite large there's a lot of seasonal units that are there full time and this being a holiday weekend the temporary slots were pretty much full. We did look in the bathhouse which are older we're in pretty good condition but we did see something there that we had not seen before in the bath house at a RV park with a shower stall with a toll meter. So apparently you put a quarter in the meter and you get water for approximately 6 minutes which coming from the southern part of the United States East Coast was quite an eye-opening observation. The area did have a nice playground area and there were other areas for recreation and to just walk around most of the people that we interacted with were extremely friendly and most were locals from around the area as you would suspect will holiday weekend. We checked out another RV Park in the area that was called Wakeda which had a much more friendly front desk and overall seemed a better location to me anyway.

| Bad experience

By user-4970097... on 2018-06-27.

Hot August day in 2015, I had just picked up my brand spanking new Chevy Impala from the dealership. The girlfriend and I are on 495 and decide to stop in the Tidewater. I'm feeling pretty good and i always wanted to stop here because it always looked cool from the highway. So I come off the highway onto like a gravel driveway, I approach what appears to be a guard entry is vacant, so I proceed about 10 meters in front of what I believe to be the registration office. I pull to the left and pull straight into a horizontal parking spot 25 feet away. I open the car door and start my approach on foot. Out from between two buildings comes this golf cart. I notice it abruptly stops and an old man disembarks while he is yelling.. I hear the words " can't slow down, or can't ya slow down" I keep walking because its not my business. I glance over at grampy and he is pointing at me. I ask him, you mean me?? He says you were doing God dam 30 into that parking now we have 2 big problems. 1) he is lying & 2) he is being real disrespectful. I tell him Buddy, slow ya roll, I wasn't speeding. First off, this car is brand new and this surface is not finished. Secondly, I drove 40 feet I stopped, made sure this was the check in place and you are a liar. Just then a middle age woman came out the door of check in and asked what was going on He speaks up and says " like the rest- speeding". So I explain and she looks over at grampy with a look of doubt on her face. Now, I'm pissed and tell her I'm leaving...before i walked away, I told gramps if you ever talk to me that way again, I'm gonna knock you the f%%%k out and if you doubt me, open you mouth one more time, I dare you. I'll do u right here...needless to say he zipped it. Lesson: don't disrespectfully mess with people and lie on top of it...every once in a while, that person comes along that knows your using your age as a shield......and doesn't care...

| Nice

By user-unknown on 2019-08-09.

Almost didn t stop because of the first review, but did. Yeah, she enforces the rules but a real sweetheart. Nice campground. Thanks!