Reviews for Twin Lakes RV Park

By user-1198001 on 2017-10-23.

Older camp with mostly permanent sites. Could not locate elec hook up. Staff had to come out to find it. My elec hook up was on the neighbors back porch. Avoid if possible. Camp is in an area that looks like it is used for truck trailer storage or drop offs.

| What a Dump!

By anonymous-user on 2017-10-23. Stayed 2017-01-09 to 2017-03-20

This dump (and I'm being polite) is the most disgusting campground I've ever seen. The spaces are tight, long-term and snowbird residents park on the street making maneuvering difficult at best. I spent 40 minutes trying to back my 20' RV into a tight spot between a massive motorhome and an abandoned rig. Some jerk was blowing his horn during the entire process yelling in a French accent I was blocking the road. At his age, I wouldn't be in a hurry to go anywhere! (except back to Quebec) The concrete patio pad was cracked and weeds were growing out of it. The roads are full of potholes, speed bumps and old geezers on tricycles. Once I maneuvered in I was going to connect the power and water. The 30A service box was all the way in the back of a shared common area on the opposite side of my utilities compartment. I had to drive 12 miles to Wal-Mart for a 30A extension and another 30' of fresh water hose. During my month long stay, the breakers at the box were purposely shut OFF several times (read: sabotage) which powered down my fridge and air conditioner. Was probably the old geezer from Quebec but I digress. There is absolutely NO parking available next to your site unless you are in a large motorhome. I had to park at an angle between the adjacent RV rig's concrete pad on my right and a large annoying palm tree on my left. To get out of the street I was within inches of my RV's hitch with the hood of my truck. As in other reviews, when it rains, the place floods. The drainage is nil even though the park is adjacent to two canals which have docks and large multi-million dollar yachts. If you enjoy a mosquito infested flooded campground with your pontoon equipped RV, speak french and enjoy the fragrance of cigarette smoke, this place is for you! The pool is disgusting, the jacuzzi hot tub has been broken and fenced off for years. Garbage dumpsters are constantly overflowing and the stench of cigarette smoke abounds. Driving out of the gate to State Road 84 you experience many potholes, dips, speed bumps and an overly impatient gate arm. You'll feel like you've been in an earthquake on the way out. The amount of paperwork you need to complete before admittance is about as bad as IRS Form 1040. Why do they need to call my employer for a reference? $20.00 cash deposit for a security card that takes 60+ days for a refund upon checkout? There are more choices for camping in Ft. Lauderdale. Run from this dump.