Reviews for Uncle Johns Elk Creek Campground

By anonymous-user on 2017-10-23.

I put in a reservation request at Uncle John's Campground on August 1st, using their online reservation system, and reserved Cabin #5. I then received an email on Sept. 10th stating that I couldn't have Cabin #5, as it was already rented out, but I could be put into Cabin #4 for the dates requested, Nov. 27th and 28th. Okay. Fast forward to today. I call to make another reservation for a cabin on Oct. 17th. I tell the woman that my info is already on file for a reservation I made a couple months ago. She says, "Yeah, we have you here Wednesday and Thursday, November 25th and 26th." I say no, that's not correct. She blames the computers being down and scrambling the reservation dates. She writes down the correct dates, and says I am all set for the 17th and in November. I get a call 5 minutes later from H, who proceeds to tell me that my 2 month old reservation was changed by the owner. Not only did he change the cabin I was scheduled to stay in, he changed the dates. Also, they are booked the 17th of October, so no reservation on that date, either. This is all according to Hope, the person I spoke to on the phone on Sept 10th and today. She specifically told me that, the owner, doesn't want to have 1 or 2 guys stay in a cabin he can put 5 guys in, so he conveniently moved me out without notification. I asked her if the owner was the one who moved it, or just ordered the directive, and she said he did it. Classy business practice by Uncle John's. It is a shame, as I have been staying there for years. They will not see another dime from and anyone else I can speak with about this. I hope my angling friends will see this and think twice before using Uncle John's. Stay at the Green Roof Inn.