Reviews for Washington DC / Capitol KOA

| Very Tight - Unleashed dogs

By user-6493641... on 2018-07-04. Stayed 2017-08-24 to 2017-08-28

The front office should tell people with dogs that barking dogs are not appreciated... Our neighbor actually created a dog pen that covered his entire site. They would run around inside the pen and bark at everything. I know some dogs owners just don't care but then the office / security staff should enforce the rules. Otherwise, this is not to bad of a campground. Gravel, short pull throughs, WiFi was slow, tight turns for 40+ foot motorhomes.

| Rip off used points

By user-5852213... on 2018-07-04.

I left 5 days early. Res. For 10 I used 50.00 in points. They would not refund me for the 5 days I Did not stay 280.00 what a rip. Then lied to my face when I checked out that it wound be refunded. Very bad people. Very deceitful. Had to pay for the 5 days i did not stay.

| Perspective

By user-5892307... on 2018-07-04.

The last review is accurate but I want to add a bit more perspective being a local. The camp is right of I 97 and you pay for Convenience no matter where you are. It is the I my game in town so they have to keep a certain "standard" to be a KOA and that costs. The real estate in that neck of the woods is $$$$$$. Therefore 75 a night is awesome compaired to 200 a night for a hotel. Its in the middle of nowhere so it's safe in a lot of respects. Tight ... Even the pull throughs are tight but managable. The folks in the store seem really nice but didn't talk to them much. Overall when you think about it it's not to bad now that the price is explained.

| Washington Capitol KOA

By user-6621839... on 2018-07-04. Stayed 2016-06-10 to 2016-06-22

Vastly overpriced at $70 a night in June. They are practically the only game in town if you want to camp near DC. They will give you the impression that they are always full but they aren't. Sites near the office/pool are pull thru but not all are full hookup. Full hookups in the woods are back in and very tight. Also not level our back wheels would be off the ground if we had got it really level. Poor value for money but they have the market cornered. Shuttle to DC daily for a fee.

| Awesome Park

By user-4523308... on 2018-07-04.

Our family had a good time at this park. Big drive thru sites with cement patio and gas grill and patio furniture. Since this area is sandy it was great to have the patio. Kept sand out of the motor home. It was very packed the weekend we were there. Would like to go again in the Fall when the kids are in school. The camp shuttle was convenient to DC. Staff friendly and knowledgeable about the area. Clean Restrooms and pool has a lifeguard.

| Poor Management

By user-5869344... on 2018-07-04.

Old management Brian and sue were there for the camper! New management is all about money. Was told by management we would have to rent two sites cause we have a big family (5 kids) and only 4 people allowed pure site. Ok I will cut our camper in half. Management literally hung up the phone on me while I was talking.

| Washington DC

By user-6489146... on 2018-07-04. Stayed 2018-03-31 to 2018-04-06

Great location! Friendly people! Facilities are very clean and nice! Enjoyed our stay

| Great park not much to do

By user-5900501... on 2018-07-04. Stayed 2018-05-04 to 2018-05-06

This park is run by helpful, kind people. They delivered my ice and wood right to my site before I could walk there. Always helpful staff around. Kids loved the playground but like me, got bored quickly. Unless you're taking the bus to visit DC there's nothing to do but walk around the park. Nothing in walking distance and the one trail was too steep for us. Its also very close the the highway and you can hear it from most of the park.

| Way Overpriced and Hard to Find

By user-unknown on 2019-08-09. Stayed 2018-10-16 to 2018-10-18

Two GPS devices tried to locate this park but led us through neighborhoods with low hanging tree branches on narrow roads. Took far too long driving all around the area to find it. It is tucked far into a wooded area at the end of back roads. The manager said the web site could not be changed by her to include helpful directions; only the KOA officials could do that and will not. The trick is finding Hog Farm Road which leads you here quite simply. This is an old park with small uneven sites that now are used by tents, trailers, and cabins. The more recently added sites for motorhomes are located on the parking lot out front of the office. At least they are level, but far over-priced for so basic a site.

By user-4994641... on 2019-08-09. Stayed 2018-11-08 to 2018-11-10

Stayed here Nov 2018, arrived late and paperwork was waiting in box for us. RV back in section was very empty but was told to put in right next to another rig. Late at night, we did it as quiet as possible but I know they heard us. Staff was very friendly and helpful. Great looking pool and wooded areas where cabins are look really neat.

| Expensive!

By user-6529779... on 2019-08-09. Stayed 2019-04-05 to 2019-04-06

This was the priciest place we stayed on a 3 week RV trip. No cable available and the only thing that this place has going for it is it's proximity to DC. I wouldn't stay here again unless I needed to be in the area - we just needed a place to stop on our way to VA so it wasn't worth the almost $100 to stay here.

| Electric at the front of the site??

By user-5880184... on 2019-08-09. Stayed 2019-05-10 to 2019-05-12

We have to turn our class a motor home around because the electric was at the front of the site and if we moved it up close enough we stuck out the front. Staff wasn t very willing to help. We turned the rv around and feed the electric and water under the bus. sites were very level and had humps to get into spot. Very disappointing.

| Staff is nasty, and the manager likes it that way

By user-unknown on 2019-08-09. Stayed 2019-07-27 to 2019-07-28

If you stay here watch out for C. She buzzes around the grounds in her souped up golf cart and writes tickets on anybody she perceives to be not following the oppressive book of rules, with the full support of her manager, B. Once she cites you, your credit card will show a fine overnight. And there is no appeal. Uttering a bad word will get you ejected. In my case, I was charged $10.00 when my brother dropped us off at our campsite after dinner. I guess he was supposed to "Register" his vehicle, even though he and his wife were at our campsite less than 15 minutes and they never went into our camper. Who knew there was a "5 minute rule" that exists only in B's mind. Do they really need $10 so badly that they have to trick people?