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By user-5900898... on 2017-10-23.

This was a nice place for the price. There were no tree and there was a loud karaoke night.

| Hino's

By user-5844959... on 2017-10-23. Stayed 2017-02-03 to 2017-02-06

I won't give this place a one on rating nevertheless in my opinion of a rv park that could have potential.the host is completely not nice and heartlessly couldn't careless if our lives were at risk (she made us leave in dark and icey snow.we missed pAyment window by ten minutes to thier close.ms mean host wouldn't let us stay safe and warm till morning.(all along they have your information to charge u ) on a regular rainy evening i would say see u mean women but we had a freak snow storm the night before so evening travel with no where to go was at best scary risking our lives and warm home.oh get this they had 40 empty spaces why would we leave in horrible conditions.Yes we r human and didn't get to window in time to pay!! our bad and responsibility.i just thought man this is risking our lives for $25.I bet u r thinking we were bad guests will no we r not I am super fussy about manners,politeness and down right a caring person(i get taken advantage of constantly,i don't mind just more points with the Lord) this is the first time I have ever written one of these reviews on anywhere or anything.When we checked in were told they had no events for a month so staying was pretty open then when we called back today to go back (we had never been close to our dr and grandchildren before it was prefect for that) they transferd us to 3 different people and then filpped a coin I guess on WHO would lie about a big event coming in 4 days and they had the guts to tell us we couldn't come back. The 4 DAYS BEFORE THE EVENT WOULD HAVE HELPED US FIND SOME PLACE SAFE AND MAYBE SNOW AND ICE WOULD BE GONE ..So unoranized in office but the old mean gal gaurding the gate is down right perfect for her job.all crazy talk aside we were only upset due to the heartless treatment with weather being somewhat dangerous..I am grateful for everyone and blessed in so many ways but last icy evening due to a human error I had to think man I am grateful this isnt a real natural disaster and I may have to warn others that if weather conditions r not perfect that it may have u preoccupied don't trust u will be treated with concern for human life. AT THE GREAT STATE WASHINGTON FAIRGROUNDS RV PARK.

| Little pricey ...

By user-5304064... on 2017-10-23.

Little pricey for what they offer. Plus we were told $24 a night over the phone & they ended up charging us $30. A little high considering they are basically a field with hook ups. Then we were "politely asked" to leave because our 5th wheel is a '97, yet in great condition. She said it was a little outdated for their community, which consisted of 2 other trailers at the time.



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