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| Great white buffalo

By user-5803797... on 2018-07-06.

We have devised a thorough rating system that we will always try to use to give a fair review of every campground we stay. It functions as follows: There are five cattagories and each is worth 10 points for a total of 50. 1-setting, beauty, accessibility 2-amenities, staff, things to do 3-campsite quality, condition, size, privacy 4-price and value 5-overall emotional opinion We total the points. 14 and under receive one star, 15 to 24 receive two stars, 25 to 34 receive three stars, 35 to 43 receives four stars, 44 to 50 receives five stars. 1-10. We award a full 10 points. We feel that this site is as beautiful as Arkansas has to offer. There is a gigantic cliff directly across from the campsite that towers over you approximately 500 feet. It is absolutely gorgeous and spectacular. The water is incredibly clear, cool, and crisp. There were 40 foot class a motorhomes and several fifth wheels there so the accessibility is as high as it could be. 2-7. This campground is great in most regard and it’s failure in this category is not due to the campground just due to the region. The amenities are fairly good. There is a very clean bathroom and shower house. There is a really cute camp store that has fishing supplies, ice, firewood, ice cream, and more ice cream. There’s a small playground and a really nice pool albeit very shallow but great for children. There is ping pong too. The staff is very friendly and provided quite a bit valuable information and stayed out of our business which I like. As far as things to do. This is where things get a little interesting because it is difficult to rate. Most likely you are going here to go fishing. If that is the case the things to do should score at 10. If you are looking to do anything else other than fish and canoe and just relax, you may be a bit disappointed. We were hoping to hike and bike quite a bit and there just isn’t a place for that in this area. The terrain looks perfect but there just aren’t any trails. The closest trails are about an hour away. With that said, We went hiking on two separate occasions to Indian rock house and we really enjoyed it. It was absolutely beautiful and very fun. The closest town is about 30 minutes away and there are good restaurants and grocery stores and things of that nature. 3-3. This is the Achilles’ heel of this campground. The campsites are incredibly close together with literally zero space between them. It is a spray painted line in a gravel parking lot. You were on one side of the line and somebody else is on the other. With that said the campground is not very busy so the odds of having somebody directly next to you I would say are slim during the week but definitely a reality on the weekend. The condition is fine but very very minimal. Everything looks to be about 30 years old and probably is but it is clean. I would say the privacy is virtually nonexistent. We stayed at campsite 16 and if you have a small travel trailer, ours is 19 feet, it barely fit but that is the best campsite on the property. 4-9. White buffalo resort really excelled in the price and value category. I thought that overall for the amount of fish we caught, the amount of things we bought at the store, the firewood we bought nightly, the amount of ice cream we purchased :-) and the advice we received, it was an incredible value. Our entire bill for or a full one week stay was under $300 with electric and water hook ups. We took float trips and played in the pool every day. There really couldn’t be away for this to score higher in less it were free. We were very happy with the price. 5-7. We love this category! Just our overall gut feeling. We give it a seven. The scenery is amazing and it’s unlike anything I’ve seen anywhere else in the region. I firmly believe that this is probably one of the most scenic campgrounds in the entire state. If you are looking for an amazing view and want to just sit and look or fish and relax this campground is for you. Total=36 White buffalo resort Campground just barely got there four star review but our emotional opinion of the campground got it there the rest of the way. The scenery truly is remarkable! I was not ready to leave after a week. We highly recommend you check out the area.



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