Reviews for Wild Rose Rv Park

| Nice place, but some initial reservation/schedule confusion

By user-4941008... on 2017-10-23. Stayed 2016-06-30 to 2016-07-04

We had reserved a drive-through spot for our 35 fifth wheel about three weeks in advance. As we were about 2 miles from the RV park I received a cell phone call, which I could not immediately answer since I was driving. When we arrived at the park there was a pull trailer in front of us and when I went in to register I was told that these other folks had been given my spot and the owner had tried calling. Needless to say, I was pretty upset, since this was the holiday weekend and no other RV parks were available. They were very apologetic and went on to explain the cause for the mess was the owner's wife, who did all the bookings, had just recently died and owner and the assistant manager had not yet figured out a coordinated system for booking as they mainly use a dry erase board. They asked if we could dry camp and they would run electricity out to us at no charge. I told them I could, but was not enamored with doing that, but if I had too, I would since there were no other options. In the meantime, the owner worked out a deal with the other couple and found a smaller spot for their smaller camper and offered it to them free of charge. This then opened up our spot. So after a stressful few minutes, we did get out spot. Another one of the problems they noted is they have a lot of longer term campers, who are there mainly for medical care in Spokane and at times have to stay longer. The owners don't have the heart to say "you're out", which is heartwarming, but it's not without consequences, i.e. you may not have a spot when you get there. The owner and asst. manager did say this this was one of the first times it has been this way, mainly due to the owners wife dying and the busy holiday weekend which led to the coordination glitch. Worst case scenario if it does happen, it would only be for a day or two of dry camping (you would still get electricity) until they moved you into a form spot. I do believe they will work through the issue and get on track for the future. Keep in mind, the location of the RV park is at least 5 miles north of north Spokane and any stores, restaurants, etc., although the road is mainly four-lane, so you get there fast. There is some roadway noise from the traffic, but not overall bad. This park is not paved nor are their any concrete pads to park on, but there is pea gravel which is level. Each spot has a concrete pad with a nice picnic table on it. All the spots have enough side room for double slides and most have small lawns and even bird houses, making it a quaint place to stay. All the campers were older and friendly. There is a small convenience store right at the park that does sell diesel and gas, although they had either ran out of or had mechanical pump failure as the majority of the pumps had "out of service" bags on the nozzles the day before we were ready to leave. The bottom line question: Would I stay there again? Yes, it's a nice place with friendly down-to-earth owners.

| GardenFresh

By user-5862955... on 2017-10-23.

Owner plants large garden then allows visitors to enjoy the proceeds.

By user-unknown on 2019-08-09.

| Horrible!

By user-unknown on 2019-08-09. Stayed 2019-07-29 to 2019-08-03

Horrible park! Arrived on Monday paid for 2 nights, went to office to pay until Sunday, 8pm at night on Saturday I get a knock on the door. Open it to 5 people standing there looking at me, and was asked to follow them to the office. There was a mistake and they double booked. They told me I had to pay for Saturday night as I hadn t ( even though I did) but being 8 Pm on a Saturday night and having wife and 4 kids I paid, then was immediately asked to leave to let their other camper in. Ended up on a Walmart parking lot because no one was open with 4 little ones and a wife. Plenty of other nice parks close by with better treatment. I would not go here...