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| WOW ~ Be Ware!

By user-5801499... on 2017-10-23. Stayed 2017-01-01 to 2017-05-19

I would not recommend this park to anyone; I have never stayed at such a poorly run park. Negative: ~Internet WiFi - hit and miss, unreliable ~Water pressure - low, occasionally no water ~Crime - police have been here a few times in the months that we stayed ~When I covered a few hours in the office here, there were many complaints about owners not giving deposit refunds and over-charging for electric ~The park owner was witnessed stealing at the campground and is currently being charged with theft ~Double booking and then don’t refund guests ~Showers - disgusting/filthy, low water pressure, often only one of the two is working ~Trash - not picked up often enough attracting many flies ~Bugs - mostly flies, honey bees, and fleas (luckily I do not have any pets) ~Activities - club house is locked most days and there isn’t really anything to do for 20 miles in any direction ~Smell - frequent smell of the nearby cow farms, typical manure smell ~Neighbors locked out of electric box when it was over 100° F outside ~Complaints of being threatened by ‘management’ and park owners Positive: ~Nature - nice views and plenty of Saguaro, but watch out for the bark scorpions and rattle snakes ~Trails - Nice but on neighboring land so I’m not sure how safe they are ~Kid friendly - typical preteen drama nothing that affects adults with no kids


By user-5278365... on 2017-10-23. Stayed 2015-07-01 to 2015-07-06

Love, LOVE this place!! Owners were so helpful and friendly. Humongous lots, quiet, just so peaceful and beautiful. No smell at all. Great location, just an incredible hidden gem.

| Dishonest, unethical, trashy

By user-5600078... on 2017-10-23. Stayed 2017-02-05 to 2017-02-05

Dishonest, Unethical and Trashy. We are glass half full kind of folks so it's rare we write bad reviews but this is a place we feel we need to warn our fellow RVers about. To back up previous reviewers comments, the management of this place are not only completely lacking in any kind of service but they are dishonest, unethical and liars - and we do not use those words lightly. We actually had made a 2 month reservation in July 2016 to stay in December/January at $300/mo plus electric, but had to cancel that reservation in August due to a change in plans. Manager advised by phone she would cancel the res and refund my $100 deposit. My bad for not checking my credit card statement right away as it wasn't until February 2017 I realized the funds had never been credited back to me. You see, in December 2016 we had made another month reservation for the month of February 2017 - were charged another $100 deposit fee - and advised we would have the second from the end site at the back, overlooking the Sonoran Desert. We wanted a safe place to leave our coach while we flew home to CO for 10 days and a quiet location to work from. We arrived just before 6pm on a Sunday evening and (understandably) the office was closed - but there was no check-in packet waiting for us. We unhooked the toad and I drove around to find our site - it was occupied by someone else. Eventually the owner came out and seemed confused to see us - completely unaware of our reservation, and said they were fully booked. Naturally we were annoyed. They tried to placate us with wine. Eventually said we could stay in an overnight spot and "see if any spaces opened up during the week" which they couldn't guarantee, and literally said their RV tenants lie to them about their plans and they never know. Nice. Upon driving around the place, it was weird - part of it looked nice in a rustic kind of way, but driving around the rest of the place it felt trashy and we did not feel comfortable leaving our coach unattended while we were in CO. We decided to leave as Owner had disappeared by then, I called the next day to leave a voicemail for the manager to advise we had left as our site was not available as it had been promised and requested a refund of our $100. Long story short, they ignored all of my phone calls and emails, and eventually I filed a dispute claim with my bank. This behavior prompted me to check if they had actually refunded the first $100 from 6 months prior and I realized they had not. So they had $200 from us and we never even stayed a night, we were there 20 minutes tops. The manager eventually emailed to say that according to her notes the first $100 was refunded on August 26. A lie as she has since disputed my claim with the bank incorrectly stating that "we stayed a night and used $30 worth of services" when we weren't anywhere near the place in Dec/Jan. However the second $100 from the failed Feb stay WAS refunded, after us showing up and spending 20 mins unhooking/rehooking and leaving. It's all very bizarre and their way of doing business is dishonest and unacceptable. So they got $100 out of us just for messing us around and clearly don't care that it affects their reputation. I had held off writing any reviews, in the hope it could be resolved (I realize miscommunications and mistakes do happen and wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt) but it is now apparent this is a a shady business managed by dysfunctional and dishonest people. It's a shame that people like this are out there running businesses that make a practice out of dishonesty and ripping people off. Fortunately, in our 3 years of full-time RVing this is the first and only experience like this, so the majority of RV park owners are decent people running reputable businesses. Sadly, Wild West Ranch is not one of them.


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