Reviews for Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park™ at Nashville

| Best option

By user-5055794... on 2018-07-04.

There are three parks in a row in this area. We unfortunately didn't select this one - but it is the nicest for the price. It's considerably less than KOA and just two dollars more than than Two Rivers (the run down park where had prebooked). Also during November and December this park has a fantastic light show - free to campers who are camping at the park or $25 a car for visitors. Definitely staying here next time.

By user-5272062... on 2018-07-04.

Stayed for 8 nights. Very expensive but it was the only park with availability. We used our own facilities but their laundry rooms were nice but pricey also at 2.50 a load with tiny washers. Very busy loud park with a lot of motorcycles for some rally. I would stay again if I had no choice.

| Perfect for traveling with kids

By user-5024486... on 2018-07-04. Stayed 2017-06-16 to 2017-06-17

We pulled into this park for only one night. I made an easy reservation online and really liked the option of choosing my spot. The gravel sites are spacious and level. Other perks are a neighboring Camping World and a unique restaurant called 'Cock of the Walk' just down the road. Our 5 year old enjoyed the bouncy houses and playground. Site #134

| Dump fees

By user-5860681... on 2018-07-04.

Dump fees here were 20, propane was a dollar more than Camping World next door. Looks like a nice park, just a little pricey.

| Nice campground

By user-6195984... on 2018-07-04. Stayed 2015-09-16 to 2015-09-19

Jellystone park wasn't our first choice based on the reviews but I'm glad we stayed. The campground was clean, staff friendly and helpful and location is convenient. We didn't use the laundry or showers, the sights are a little tight for a 40 footer but didn't feel like we were on top of our neighbors. We would return here any time we are in the area.


By user-5265349... on 2018-07-04. Stayed 2015-06-04 to 2015-06-10

While this park is relativity nice and in a very good location, my stay is overshadowed by the greed of the owners. Their posted rates are around $65 and they offer Good Sam and Passport America discounts. During CMA Country Fest, one of the busiest times of the year for Nashville, they boost their rates to $75 with no discounts. That's understandable. What's not understandable is that they raised their rates at least a week before the event during a time when the park was more than half empty and used the event as an excuse. This is just simply greed and inexcusable to me. I would not stay here again because of that greed. There are two other parks just next to this one. Check them out....Two Rivers and KOA.

| Very expensive, sites too small

By user-5802524... on 2018-07-04. Stayed 2017-10-15 to 2017-10-18

We stayed at Jellsytone for three nights in site #114. I have a 36’ 5th wheel and it barely fit on the site. I had to park my truck across the front of the RV with the door against the pin box. The park advertises free WIFI. It does not work. They give you a ticket with a code on it and you can only log one device on. Then the Internet goes away and stays off for hours. You would think for $68.00 a night the WIFI would work. The only positive is the park is very close to The Grand Ole Opry.

| Decent park/be aware though

By user-5248472... on 2018-07-04.

This park is decent enough with good facilities. It does seem to need some upkeep. Our largest surprise was the horrendous traffic jam getting back to the park. They host a fun and beautiful choreographed dancing Christmas lights show that is set to music. It took is TWO hours to get from the Opryland Hotel to the campgrounds. The traffic stretches for miles down the freeway in both directions as well. Granted there is congestion around the Opryland hotel. This was not the cause of our delay. In the end we made the best of it, but don't rely on the staff to let you know how congested it will be. They said it would be "a little backed up".

| Location Great if you are Going to Opryland

By user-6523798... on 2018-07-04. Stayed 2015-05-04 to 2015-05-05

We stayed one night at the Passport America rate of $35.51. Staff was polite. Park needs some upkeep. Picnic tables are a mess. Obviously the location is everything. Less than a mile from Opryland. I certainly would not pay their usual rate, but for one night it was okay

| Prettiest park for location.

By user-6490717... on 2018-07-04.

Big trees. Wildlife. Some highway noise when you are outside but pretty area with pretty sunsets. Park is older so trees are mature and beautiful but needs some spiffing up.

| Nice park, easy access to highway and downtown

By user-5865818... on 2018-07-04.

Nice campground. We stayed just passing through. They have dog park, playground and putt putt golf and pool. Pool was closed when we where there. Bath house is okay, clean hot water and good water pressure. Grounds are clean but could do more mowing and weed eating. Would stay again. Just not the nicest we have stayed at.

| Nice park

By user-4823786... on 2018-07-04. Stayed 2015-07-09 to 2015-07-11

In the expensive side, but convenient to Opryland and the greenway trails. Lots of good places to eat in the area. Gravel roads and gravel sites, for the most part. Nice people. We will stay again.

| Winter Discount 30%

By user-6263071... on 2018-07-04. Stayed 2015-01-30 to 2015-02-03

Friendly staff, clean park. Restrooms just a bit small for the full body person. Off season 30% discount was great for the winter get away. Trash pick up was AM and PM. Internet was secure and good for email although you would be dropped every 45 to 50 minutes and required to log in again.


By user-6550354... on 2018-07-04. Stayed 2018-04-19 to 2018-04-20

Just ok, expensive - AARP discount $73 - sites are short. We have 37 foot motor home, towing and had to disconnect the car and park next to unit, just fit. WiFi wasn’t good, but it is close to the Grand Ole Opry.

| Muddy & Bad WiFi

By user-5456666... on 2019-08-09. Stayed 2018-08-16 to 2018-08-31

For the price they charge I could stay at a hotel. I understand I'm camping, but I full time and never seen such muddy RV spots. The WiFi doesn't allow streaming either, so you better bring your own. Why am I paying so much for so little?

| Muddy and Expensive, Kid Oriented

By user-unknown on 2019-08-09.

There had been alot of rain so park had alot of mud puddles. Mud in front of our door due to lack of grass and low spots. Gravel had been placed in mud holes on road. Gravel sites and roads. We drove to the other 2 nearby campgrounds and did not notice mud and water standing at sites. Those campgrounds were already booked when we called. Yogi had alot of open sites the 5 days we were there which now I know why. Expensive for sites $73 Plus we bought 2 milkshakes at their ice cream shoppe which was $12 and not very big for the price. They offered pizza delivered but I shudder to think how much that could be. Pros were a nice big pool and appeared to be very kid oriented with activities available. If you're happly with sites and u have kids then this would be good park for you. All the area where pool and kid activities were was paved or grassy and appeared clean. Pull thru sites but small for a big rig. Employees friendly. Good location. Will stay at another park next time.

| Some Maintenance Issues

By user-6037370... on 2019-08-09.

I would have rated this place 3-4 stars if it wasn't for the Maintenance issues and the fact that the manager still hasn't responded to my email. We had issues with our sewer at site #225 . To keep this review shorter I will skip all the details. To just sum it up we went office 3 times to complain about sewer not draining. They blew us off at first telling us to drain slowly. I couldn't even do dishes without water coming up out of sewer . I never even attempted to empty black tank. No way would toilet paper or any other waste go down drain if gray water wouldnt go down. We had to keep tanks closed on camper. By day 3 are tanks were filled. We went to office demanded they snake drain. We went out for day inquired at office when we got back and was told they cant fix it. They would need to call a plumber. So we had to pack camper and change sites. All of this should have been addressed on day 1. If it was, maybe it could have been resolved and fixed by day 2 instead of putting it off . I cant help but feel they new about this issue. I only say this because we also had an issue with are breaker tripping. Maintenance gave us no issue with this. They responded to call immediately and changed breaker in record time. Then why did they keep blowing us off about sewer? They probably already knew!! I sent email to manager still haven't heard a word. The least they can do is refund me the difference between having a W/E/S site to a W/E site. I couldn't use sewer my first 3 days there so why should I pay for it! The site we got moved to was #216 it was muddy!!! But at least the sewer worked. We cant control mother nature. The rest of park was fine. Bathrooms clean and alot of kid activities. Even a dog area fenced in to let dogs run. This is why we paid the higher fees to stay there because of the amenities. If manager reaches out to me I will change my rating. it's bad business to not address the problem and ignore me. Update... I have since spoke to manager. She was very apologetic. I was issued the difference in site fees without the sewer and also a small inconvenience refund. I would like to say again my issues were only with some staff and sewer. The campground itself was clean, lots of amenities and close to attractions . My kids loved it.