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BookYourSite.com Online Plans

BookYourSite™ is an online booking website and directory that provides information about campgrounds throughout North America. The rates and availability information can be supplied to BookYourSite.

Integrated Mode

This method uses direct integration with Campground Manager® (CM). It is a powerful front desk property management system used in many campgrounds. If you currently have CM, adding the BookYourSite component is quick and easy. Contact CM tech support to find out more. If you do not use Campground Manager® at your park but are interested in finding out more call and ask for our sales department at 1-800-547-9147. Here is what is included:

Integrated Park: (Must be a Campground Manager® customer and on a Support Plan)
Price: $99 one time setup fee plus $5 per online booking.

  • Park landing page on the BookYourSite web portal
    • Park Name
    • Address
    • Phone
    • Email
    • Web Link to your park’s website
    • Short and long description
    • Google Map Location
    • Pictures (5) - slide show
    • Number of Sites/Accommodations and breakdown
    • List of Facilities and Recreation
    • Rates List – In season / Off season
    • List of Clubs, Memberships and Ratings
    • Payment Options
    • Nearby Attractions
    • Directions
  • iPhone and iPad inclusion
    • Same features as Landing Page
  • Assistance with rates to ensure accurate calculations online

Below you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Integrated FAQS

What is BookYourSite.com (BYS)?
BookYourSite is an online booking portal that allows your customer to make campsite/cabin/trailer reservations online any time of the day or night. BYS is fully integrated with Campground Manager Software® so there's no additional work to do.

What is the cost?
If you subscribe to the Campground Manager® Support Plan there is a $99 one time setup fee but no additional annual cost to be included on the BYS network. You will be invoiced a flat fee of $5 per online transaction (billed monthly).

How do I provide BYS with occupancy and rate information for my park?
Data is transmitted to BYS from Campground Manager®. The synchronization is automated to save time and ensure accuracy. Your customer will receive the same pricing and availability that they would normally receive if they called or walked in to your office.

How do I receive funds from a reservation booked on BYS?
When a reservation is received on BYS the transaction information is downloaded directly to your park database along with the credit card information. The credit card is processed by you, on your system ensuring you get paid immediately.

How long will it take to get online with BYS?
Once you are on a Campground Manager® support plan it usually take 2 or 3 days to get your system configured to accept bookings. Most of the work is done by our technical staff.

What if I am not on a CM support plan but want to be on BYS.
You must subscribe to a support plan to participate. It is important to be on the latest software and we must prepare your rates for you to make sure they will work online.

Do I need any additional hardware or software?
You will need a high speed internet connection. No additional hardware or software is required.

How will customers find my park using BYS?
We will place a link on you website for customer to book online. The link will direct them to your online booking portal on BYS. We also have an online directory that will contain a webpage with your park information and pictures.

Do I have to put all my sites online?
No, you can choose which site types or accommodations to put online and the quantities of each site type to offer.

Can I block out certain periods?
Yes, many times when parks have a big rally or feel they are getting close to filling up on certain weekends they simply call and we block that time period so that no further online booking are taken through BYS. BYS asks the customer to "call the park for reservations" during the block out period.

What if a BYS customer wants to cancel their reservation?
Since the reservation and payment have been created on your system then the customer will call you directly to cancel. Your cancellation policy will be in force. You must pay the original $5 BYS booking fee even if the customer cancels so keep this in mind when setting a cancellation fee.

How do I get started?
Give us a call at 1-800-547-9147 and our sales team will help you prepare your system to begin accepting reservations online.

BookYourSite.com Landing Page Information Requirements

BookYourSite™ will need certain information provided by you, the camp owner, in order to accurately promote your camp's facilities. Below is a link to our BookYourSite Information Requirement Form.

Once completed, e-mail or fax the form to the address/number found on the bottom of the form.

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BookYourSite.com Contact Information

If you have and additonal questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at any of the following:

Phone 1-800-547-9147
Alternate Number (905) 374-8643
E-mail christina@bookyoursite.com
Address 8676 Oakwood Dr. Building B,
Niagara Falls, Ontario,
Canada L2G 0J2
Fax (905) 374-4493