App Support Page (Android/iPhone)

Welcome to the support page for the Mobile application. Here you will find information to aid in using the application, including help contact information, release history and notes, FAQs and other information.


The following information can be used to contact our support staff should you encounter any issues with the Mobile application.


Consumer FAQ
  • Can I book through the app for all parks listed?

    No, only the parks that have the BookYourSite logo (little campfire) displayed in their listing. If a park does not have a BYS logo you may reserve by calling the park directly.

  • I see different colored pins marking the park locations on the map view. What do the colors mean?

    The "red" pins are the parks that are bookable through the app. All others can only be booked by phone.

  • Why are there Green checkmarks beside some of the park site types, facilities and amenities?

    All items listed are available at the park. When you set up your profile you indicate the features that you would like to see at a park you select. The green checks indicate the features that are at the park and match your profile facility preferences. The match percentage is also indicated on the park search list. You can rank the list of parks that most closely meet your requirements.

  • Why are there red "not" symbols beside some of the park site types, facilities and amenities?

    The red "not" symbols (red circle with line through it) indicates the amenities you've selected as desirable in your profile are not available at the park. These are your desired features that are missing from the park.

  • If I don't check any specific facilities and amenities in my profile will it limit the number of parks found in a search?

    No, the search will not be limited by your profile preferences. Searching by a state, city or park name will return all the matches that exist in the database. It will however rank the parks found by the percentage of matching features based on your profile preferences.

  • Why are there four park amenities/features listed at the bottom of each park's listing on the search list?

    These amenities are set up in your profile and are the park features that are most critical in your park selection. For instance, if you are traveling with a pet then it will be critical that the park accepts pets. This feature will allow you to have this information front and center when browsing a list of potential stopover locations. Parks that allow pets would show the amenity bar as green. If they do not allow pets it would show as gray.

  • Does BookYourSite charge my credit card to book the reservation?

    No, collects all the necessary information including your credit card information and passes it securely to the park to complete the processing of your reservation. All booking fees and reservation deposits are charged to your card directly by the park. BookYourSite will acknowledge your reservation request immediately by email. The park will send a confirmation to your email account as soon as it is processed. This usually occurs within 24 hours of the booking.

  • To cancel my reservation or change my dates whom should I contact?

    The park will email you a confirmation. The park contact information is contained in the email. Please contact the park directly to cancel a reservation or modify any details of the stay. Also contact the park if you notice any errors with your reservation.

  • If I enter my credit card number into the app profile will someone be able to access it if I lose or misplace my phone?

    No, the card number is encrypted and cannot be read or printed. All information including the credit card data is transported to our servers and stored using the latest SSL encryption methods.

  • Can I overwrite or modify the information that is being automatically filled in based on my app profile when booking a reservation?

    Yes, all of the profile data, including the credit card number that is auto-filled into the required fields can be modified while completing a reservation. You may also create more than one profile and choose between stored profiles during the booking process.

  • When I am in the process of selecting a site type during the booking process, I see a red "Unavailable" button. What does that mean?

    The red "Unavailable" button means the site type is not bookable during the time period you’ve requested. There are many reasons for this. By clicking the Unavailable button it will display the reason the site type is not available.