Reviews for Pismo Sands RV Park

| Nice and Quiet During Our Stay

By user-5273993... on 2017-10-23. Stayed 2017-04-24 to 2017-05-04

| Don't stay here!

By user-5651951... on 2017-10-23.

The manager in the office was so rude it almost ruined our entire trip! We came in late and had an extra car and an extra person so we parked on the grass a bit as there was no one to ask where to park. The next morning when my husband went to ask where we could park and how to deal with our extra person she WENT OFF on him and said we broke rules and needed to leave immediately. She was CRAZY! After she calmed down a little bit I went in and we managed to agree we would stay that night but we got in to Pismo Village for our final night, thank God. We would never go back!

| Deceive me & I leave

By user-5322224... on 2017-10-23. Stayed 2016-01-22 to 2016-01-25

I called a couple of days ahead, and was repeatedly assured, that we would not get a side-by-side. Upon arrival, my wife was told that nothing else was available. After she reminded them of their verbal commitment, we were given a second choice, but one that the office likely knew we would not find acceptable. Not only was it too short for our 37' Class A, there was no parking anywhere near for our toad. After setting up, we did a quick recon thru the park and identified 3 open sites that fit our specific requests. I presumed the park, largely vacant on our early Friday afternoon arrival, would fill overnight. It did not. The next morning, all 3 sites, and now another, were vacant. By our departure Monday, it seemed highly probable that we had not been honestly dealt with. Multiple sites of the nature I requested sat vacant our entire stay. Since their website clearly states they cannot guarantee specific sites, I find it unlikely that these sites were reserved, but 'no shows'. Especially in light of the following. First, note my previous review of the park. Second. Turns out we had a great neighbor less than 2' from us. They, too, had had been promised, by email, one of two end sites. (One of these was as I requested. It sat vacant the entire weekend we were there.) Upon the neighbor's arrival, they were told that specific sites were not reservable, and that they could not have either site promised. Both were empty. Producing the written confirmation, the wife, absolutely insisted. 'After all, if we can't reserve a site, though you tell us in writing here we have, how can you deny us the site by telling us it is reserved for someone else?' They got the site. After said experience, their intent is to use Pismo Coast Village next time. As for my wife and I . . . I could live with the side by side hook-ups when the park was at capacity & no other sites were available. This was far from the case. With a daughter that recently took a teaching job in the area, our intent is to visit a couple of times a year with stays of about two weeks at a time. We are in the area this trip for 17 days. Had I been assigned a site of the nature I was assured we would get, I would have extended for the remainder. Instead, I simple moved down the road. I will simple not do business with a facility that operates I such a manipulative manner.

| Dreaded side-side hookups

By user-5322224... on 2017-10-23. Stayed 2015-06-08 to 2015-06-17

This park boasts that it has been recognized as the, ". . . best medium sized park in California . . ." numerous times. It might well have been 30 years ago when I first visited. Since this is coastal Cal, the sites are very close together. It is predominantly the dreaded side-by-side hookup. This is where the bigger rigs are going fit. When reserving our site, I clearly explained exactly what I wanted, letting it be known that we would postpone our visit if what I wanted wasn't available. Upon arrival, the site they had identified for us was neither long enough nor wide enough. (This also happened to a couple that arrived in the site next to us.) They did find us another site. Multiple times my wife & I expressed our appreciation, but we should never have been assigned that first site to start with. While there, I read a review criticizing the lack of enforcement of noise violations. I also read management's response. Basically it was that the violation occurred after office hours & that if you complain we'll do something about it. Neither of those attitudes sit well with me. On the plus side, the park is attractive. The office & grounds people are just great. I found it very reasonably priced given its location. Only on 2 of our 10 evenings was it 'lively' enough that I couldn't sit outside & read wearing noise canceling headphones. For what I'm looking for - safe and quiet - it is the best choice in the immediate Pismo area.

| Nice park.

By user-4893155... on 2017-10-23.

Grassy areas and fire pits. There seemed to be quite a few pull through sites. We enjoyed our stay. The only problem we encountered was with a grumpy man that works there. Beware of the big man in the golf cart! Lol

| Hated it!

By user-5083273... on 2017-10-23.

We went with no reservations and found a spot. You are TOTALLY stuck beside your neighbour. The people that work there treat you like you are bothering then. There is no scenery its just ugly. Not a good time!

| Very nice!

By user-2577001 on 2017-10-23.

Had reservations. Very clean park. Staff very helpful. Nice pool and spa. Grass and firepit at each site and pets welcome. Only issue was that we had to park extra vehicle outside park. But they worked with us when they had larger site open and let us move. Will go back again!

| Friendly staff

By user-5131518... on 2018-05-17.

Note* I didn't stay here... Called to acquire a spot for my TT because of a possible work contract in the area. Michelle (not sure if that's the correct way of spelling her name) was SUPER friendly, and offered suggestions on places rhat might be able to help since I don't know the area well. Certainly marking this spot to hopefully stay while on vacation one day.

| We Love this place.

By user-6458200... on 2019-08-09. Stayed 2019-06-06 to 2019-06-10

We have stayed at different places at Pismo but we always come back to this one. It's quiet it's clean and it's close to everything and the people are friendly.

| My 1st choice would be Pismo Coast Village!

By user-5894117... on 2019-08-09.

The spaces are really really tight and you share a common grass/dirt area with your neighbor. Park is very clean and maintained. People were friendly and staff was great. I dont like the pet rule of no dog pens outside. Would I stay here again, probably!!!! But my 1st choice would be Pismo Coast Village who I rate 4+ Stars.

| Nice just wish it was closer to the pier

By user-unknown on 2019-08-09.

Very clean and area is nice. Stood here a few time will be back. Just wish it was a little closer to the pier.